TBT to #LaLomotaDH

Right now La Lomota DH is the only big race we have in the Dominican Republic, on 2014 we are going to celebrate the second edition of this gnarly race which is held in Navarrete, a small town in the North Coast, my good friend Cesar Pucheu is working hard to make this event a time to remember!

Last year we had more than 40 people racing in the three divisions: Groms, Womens and Open. This is one of the most challenging tracks we have, it has 19 curves and a top speed that reaches around 47 miles per hour.

The date is set and everybody is wondering who is going to be the King of the Hill!

I made a selection of my favorite photos from last year, shot by my homegirls Catherine Goico and Gabriela Sobrino! Peep it, get motivated and COME SKATE WITH US!

Having the road closed made me skate with a lot more confidence than ever before! I had those turns on LOCK!


Here’s my homegirl Cathy Kat who shared podium with me, taking the second place for the ladies! Hell yea girl !

1119845_389664124494819_119736931_oArline Barrot never went so fast before! She was really excited to experience new speeds and to take home the 3rd place!


My brotha from anotha motha Miguel Cabreja knows right! He slashed his Jet Banshee with 50 Degrees Caliber Trucks and some 75mm Lime BigZigs!1119877_10151548696796573_363549991_o

Things got really rowdy with the unexpected rain, but that ain’t stopping us! We have a race!


1146148_389685977825967_385614418_oJomar Guzman is a TOP racer from Puerto Rico, i bet you’ve heard about him before, the guy is FAST! We are happy to receive his support and to have his presence in every race we have in the DR


This year we are also having the campsite ready !1146285_389694164491815_1102444104_o

The ladies came from around the coast to shoot some pics all weekend!1146952_389671941160704_257618914_o


My good friend Jeremy Dils followed me down the hill filming a Raw Run (Raw Diaz on YouTube) the morning before the race started, the road was still open but it was really rad.1147713_389664864494745_816873795_o

Taking those inside lines like it’s my job!


Cesar Pucheu the 2013 King of the Hill going in the front and leading the boys down his local.1150454_389671834494048_1221657994_o

Jamil from Puerto Plata getting low and steezy!1167235_389665011161397_1663867144_o

Juan Carlos getting gnar gnar1172315_10151548670011573_2005184800_o

Jose El Loko from Puerto Rico shredded the hill all weekend like a boss!1172824_389686457825919_160866416_oMy good friend Wilbert Caba is ready to race you all this year, you better be ready!

1097722_389709154490316_784709735_oSmiles all over for podium time!

1) Cesar Pucheu (DR)
2) Miguel Cabreja (DR)
3) Jose “El Loko” (PR)

1) Pam Diaz (DR)
2) Catherine Goico (DR)
3) Arline Barrot (DR)

1) Bori Montero (DR)
2) Erick Estrella (DR)
3) Richard Rodriguez (DR)


What makes this hill special is the hospitality that the locals offer us, it’s like no other place I’ve been before. So many kind and humble people stoked on our sport! So supportive and motivated to see downhill skateboarding grow in their area.1097263_389708681157030_1712120443_o

All the little kids from the town where in love with downhill skateboards! You can tell with this picture! definitely GREAT TIMES!

Make sure to check the event “La Lomota DH Race 2014” on Facebook with all the information you need 🙂



Robin McGuirk – Injury Report

Injury Report

Robin McGuirk

I will always remember 2014 as the year I was injured. If you’re reading this report, you may be a friend or fan of mine and have a similar passion and love for skateboarding as I do. If so, you can imagine, or have experienced yourself, how crazy you’d feel if you couldn’t skate to your full potential for a period of time due to an injury. I’ve been skateboarding for almost 30 years and racing on them for the last 10 years has been a dream come true. After going this long without an injury, I must admit I’m pretty due for one. Even so I was pretty shocked from the news, but over the last month it’s slowly sunk in. Being that this is my first bump in the road of major injuries caused by skateboarding, I’d have to say I’ve had a good first run without one. Somehow I’ve managed to avoid the most typical injuries such as dislocated shoulders, various knee and ankle problems, and head injuries. This is probably due to wearing my safety gear 99% of the time and lots of luck. However the injury I have may seem unheard of to some younger riders and readers here, but not so uncommon to skaters who’ve been doing it for as long as I have or more.

Last month I got an MRI on my back after some brief episodes of low back pain and finally some nerve pain down my right leg. It reported that I had a small protrusion of my bottom L5 disc bulging out on my right side and pressing on my S1 nerve. This matched my symptoms and I was advised to “take it easy” and let myself heal. My primary doctor said to see my Chiropractor and LMT to speed up my recovery. He pronounced the most likely cause of the injury due to prolonged repetitive motion from pushing my skateboard mainly with my right leg. Over time it has rotated my pelvis and thus began to pull on one side of my low back causing the disc to be moved slightly out of place. I’ve found out after talking to some long-time skaters that they too have had their share of bulging discs and many have dealt with it a variety of ways. I’ve decided to go with the last evasive treatments of massage, acupuncture, and regular visits to my Chiropractor. So far it has helped greatly by immensely diminishing the nerve pain I had. Which means the disc is shrinking back slowly but surely. However the back is nothing to play around with and not to be taken lightly. This type of injury can take up to a year to fully heal if left alone and not reinjured. However in my case it was discovered fairly early and estimated to be healed in approx. 3 months or so with my treatment plan – as long as I don’t put any stress on it during that time. That is why I immediately made the decision to stop racing for a while to ensure my body has the chance to repair the injury. I’m still skating for fun but taking it pretty mellow and only skating for short periods of time. I’m also not pushing very much at all, which has been deemed the main trigger of aggravation that I want to avoid. So teaching my Longboarding 101 class once a week and being pulled by my dog Otis are pretty good avenues for me right now. I’m happy that I can do that but even still being cautious as my future is most important. I’m also a new dad with a 1 year old son and overall I want to be fully functional to be able to run and play with him for years to come. He is my primary motivation to “take it easy” and stay healthy. Skateboarding and getting back on the race track is important to me. But nothing is more important than family as you may know and feel yourself.

Looking back now I’m pretty surprised I’ve gotten this far unscathed having so many close calls. Taking huge risks racing down fast roads, through intense traffic, and throwing myself down ditches and boarder cross terrain several times a year are all actions that could have seriously injured, disabled, or even killed me. Somehow I’ve escaped all that so far and instead starting to see signs of wear and tear from getting away with it for so long. Looking at the two options, seriously hurt or breaking down, I’d much rather go with repair and maintenance. Yes I’m using the used car analogy because it’s true that our bodies do need to be maintained just like a car in order to continue performing at an optimal level. Once healed, I will focus even more on keeping my body in tune, especially my back by getting aligned more often, core workouts to strengthen it, and cutting back on stresses to it.

I expect to be back in action later this year near the end of the downhill race season. But it may be a while longer until I attempt competing in any push racing or boarder cross. I’m going to start with working slowly back into downhill and slalom first in the name of playing it safe to ensure my future. Sports history is full or stories about athletes who’ve tried to come back too early, reinjuring themselves, and cutting their careers short. It’s a tragedy I aim to avoid. With this much skateboard experience, muscle memory, and consistency it would be a shame to waste it by falling victim to impatience. So far I’ve missed riding at some of my favorite events like the Spring Maryhill Freeride, the All-Around Challenge and SLAP in the ditches of NM, and my own event, the 10th Annual P-Town Throwdown in Portland. It has been a bummer but I’ve accepted it and the other amazing events I may not race in this year. I’m aiming for a full-recovery and keeping my eye on the prize of racing once again! I’ll be visualizing my future success and healing my body in the meantime. You may see me rooting for my friends at some local events here in the NW like the 2014 Switchback Series, where I dominated last year with 3 out of 4 wins, and one of my all-time favorites the Maryhill Festival of Speed, an amazing event and great for spectating. You may also catch me at my favorite skate shop hanging out with my friends at Daddies Board Shop, my biggest supporter! It’s a pleasure to be part of the family there as I’ve known the original owners since they first opened in 1995. And I’ve grown to know and enjoy the company of all the old and new employees over the years being a native to Portland. You can check out everything about them and what they offer at daddiesboardshop.com.

Flagler_1mile_News-Journal_DAVID MASSEY copy 2SM











Switchbacks Race – 2014

Posted By: Pete Benda

Switchbacks Race - 2014

Switchbacks is a 60+ rider event, that’s free for anyone race. It’s located at Washington Park in good ol’ Portland Oregon. Anyone from advanced riders, to beginners are free to come to this wonderful event. But if you’re nervous about the race, don’t worry, we’re here to help you win. Switchbacks is a tricky course. It has three hairpins in total, two lefts and one right. It’s not a very steep course, so what makes the course so tricky is the extremely tight pack runs and technical riding needed. Every little thing makes the difference, so we’re here to help you decide one of the most important factors in this race: Wheels. There are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect wheel – your push, weight, drift, and your hookup.

Your Push

To decide on what size wheel you’ll want, you need to think about your push. If you are extremely fast off of the starting line, you can run a slightly larger wheel. The larger wheel will be great to give you a much higher speed on this slower course because of the larger size and higher velocity. But that doesn’t mean that a larger wheel is fit for everyone. If you don’t have the fastest push in the game, you may want to consider a smaller wheel. The smaller wheel will have a faster acceleration compared to the larger wheel, so you may not be able to push as fast, but you’ll be able to accelerate faster with the smaller wheels. So if you’re a pusher, go with a bigger wheel, if you’re slow off of the start, go with something that is a little bit smaller.

Your Weight

This is something that really needs to be put into consideration. If you’re a lighter weight rider, or a grom, you have a little bit of an advantage here at Switchbacks. You’re gonna have more grip and traction around corners. This means that you won’t need something as grippy on this course. So you could go with something that is a little bit harder of a wheel, which means something that is a little bit faster. If you’re a heavier set rider, gravity is going to be your friends. Because of your natural weight, you’ll be going a lot faster than some of the small guys out there, but you’ll in turn, have less traction. So we’d suggest going with something a little softer to really grip up well after your drifts.

Your Drift

This is absolutely key for winning switchbacks. You need absolute control in your drifts if you’re looking to win. If you’re known to highside a lot in your slides, you might want something that’s a little bit extra slippery. This way, you’ll slide for longer, rather than grip up as much. If you are washing out in your slides, you’re gonna be looking for something with a little bit of extra grip to it. We suggest something that is a square lipped wheel. This will give you a little extra traction for you when you’re wanting have more control over your drift.

Your Hookup

And finally, the hookup. This is a really key factor in racing Switchbacks. If you slide for too long and don’t hook up fast enough, you won’t come around the corner with enough exit speeds. This means you’ll surely be passed around the straightaways. But if you slide too short and you hookup too early, you’ll wash out later in the corner and slide into the dirt, swinging you off of your board. A good way to get very predictable hookup is a square lipped wheel in a durometer that accommodates your weight.

When you put all of these things into consideration, you’ll be sure to be on your way to winning Bitchswacks, we mean, Switchbacks!

The Landyachtz Prophecy

Posted By: Pete Benda

You are the chosen one… Fulfill the prophecy. Or maybe just go out skating instead. In any case, make sure you grab the all new Landyachtz Prophecy. It’s the ultimate in downhilling and freeriding. Oh, you already have a downhill / freeride board, you say? Well this one is better!

The Landyachtz Prophecy is a speed stiff symmetrical top mount board that gives you the maximum amount of stability going downhill, and gives you the most freedom of ride when freeriding. This board features wheel well flares that give you a ton of wheel clearance. So if you like riding your setup extra-loose for freeriding, this setup is perfect for you. And if you want to tighten your ride, this is still an amazing downhill board. The wheel well flares make it so that when you’re in a speed tuck you have a point of reference as well as ample leverage over your trucks. In a stand up slide, they are amazing for keeping you locked in.

Oh, you’re already riding a Top Speed 36? And they’re very similar? Well this is even better still! The Prophecy features the all new Hollowtech core. Landyachtz removes parts of the 7 ply maple core from this deck, reducing the weight of this board by 20%. Helping you be 20% faster, 20% quicker off the start line, and 100% more rad. This board is also great when cornering. Because of how light it is, the Prophecy is very responsive to sharp turns, rather than lugging around around a turn.

Don’t forget about its freeriding aspects. Because this board is completely symmetrical, you can ride it any which way you’d like and it will ride the same. And when you have to walk up your freeride hill, you’re gonna be extremely happy you chose the Prophecy. Watch and laugh as your friends work to carry their heavy boards around while you barely have to lift a finger to carry your setup.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s a Jet!

Posted By: Pete Benda

Jet Skateboards

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s a Jet! Jet boards that is. We got a whole new line of Jet boards at the shop! We’re gonna keep this short and sweet and to the point because we gotta get out of this office and go shred them.

We have five brand new Jet boards this year: The Jet Kool Kick, Jet Baked Potato, Jet Tomahawk, Jet Vulcan Rocker, and Jet Tomahawk Rocker. These boards are designed for going FAST! They all feature torsional stiffness and that, ladies and gentleman, helps prevent speed wobbles. Because they’re Jet boards, you know you have something that is extremely durable to last a very long time.

The question is, what should we ride? Maybe we want a little bit of extra concave and that locked-in feeling for freeriding, which means we’ll want some dropped platforms. That’ll mean we want the Baked Potato. What about single kicks? Then we’ll grab the Kool Kick! Yeah that’s the one! Oh but wait… What if we want to go fast and race today? Maybe the Tomahawk? Yeah the Jet Tomahawk and its top mounted goodness are so stable and so responsive and grippy. But maybe we want a little cradling because we miss our mom… That means we want Vulcan Rocker or the Tomahawk Rocker! That ‘oh so sweet’ foot cradling. Jet has so many options it makes our lives so hard… There’s only one option. We’re gonna ride them all!

The Loaded Overland is Almost Here

Posted By: Pete Benda

Loaded Overland

A double kick that’s double sick: the new Loaded Overland closes the gap between the Loaded Kanthaka and the Loaded Tesseract, giving you the perfect size board that’s designed for all kinds of riding. How can you decide if this board is the one for you? Well, you don’t! Loaded has already made it perfect for you, and me, and everyone else out there on planet earth.

This board comes in at 37 inches long, and 9.5 inches wide, with wheelbase options between perfect and perfect. 20-22 inches in wheelbase options gives you the ability to ride anything and everything in your path. Slap it on the shortest wheelbase with some TKP trucks and you’re ready to shred the park, street, and straight up city slash. Put on some RKP trucks at a 22 inch wheelbase and you have a freeriding machine, perfect for laying thane and taking names.

But if you feel up to it, you could even do a little bit of downhilling on this setup. This micro downhiller is nimble and maneuverable, too. This board features extra course grip tape on the sides of the board to lock you in, and mild griptape in the center to never inhibit your flip tricks. This board is designed by the evil masterminds down in California at the secret Loaded Facilities, so you know it’s a high-quality shred stick.

“One board to rule them all, one board to find them. One board to bring them all and in the darkness blind them.” The Loaded Overland: an absolute do-it-all setup.

Arbor GT Longboards

Posted By: Pete Benda

Arbor GT Longboards

The Arbor GT Series is the perfect series for anyone out there looking for the perfect cruiser. The board comes in 3 different models perfect for any kind of riding situation.

The Arbor Axis GT is the first in the lineup. The Axis is a drop-through cruiser, designed to give you the feeling of riding a snowboard. This board is low to the ground giving you a really stable push, while the camber of this board makes it so that you have a really snappy and flexy ride. The Axis GT is also perfect to throw around dance moves since it’s completely symmetrical. Dancing, cruising, and carving: it’s all easy and comfortable on the Axis GT.

Next up is the Arbor Fish GT and the Arbor Timeless GT. The little and big brother of the series, the Fish GT and the Timeless GT are classic pintail shapes that are perfect for beachside cruises and scenic city runs. Because they’re top mounted, you’ll get a lot more leverage over your trucks so that you can get some really hard carves out of your setup. They’ll be perfect for sharp corners, and really deep carves. The Fish is the shorter of the two, making it more nimble and agile for riding around town. The Timeless, being the larger of the two, will be better for long sweeping turns and wide carves. No matter the type of cruiser you’re looking for, the Arbor GT series is sure to have something to fit your style perfectly.

It’s Rayning New Boards

Posted By: Pete Benda

Rayne Summer 2014 Longboards

It’s 2014 and you’re still riding that water-logged, warped, and delaminated deck you got for your birthday 3 years ago. What’s the point? It’s about time you upgraded to the best of the best, and there’s absolutely no better time than now. That’s because Rayne just released 5 new boards for the Summer 2014 season! They’re ready for any kind of riding so you really don’t have an excuse not to ride a Rayne board.

First is the all new Rayne Misfortune, pairing up perfectly with the Rayne Fortune V2. They both feature fat bottom construction, making your ride both light and speed stiff, and they both feature 4D wheel well cups to let you run larger wheels while having looser trucks. Being designed by world champion racer Patrick Switzer, you know this board is sure to handle any speeds you may throw at it. And it comes in ‘his and hers’ sizes so you and your lady friend can each get a longboard of your own. A girl who skates, that’s the dream!

Next up, we have the new Rayne Otherside and the Rayne Brightside. These boards are the big and little brother of the extremely popular Rayne Darkside. These single kick downhill freeride boards feature radial dropped platforms and 3 stage rocker, giving you the perfect stance for freeriding. Taking your freeriding to the next level is extremely easy when fitting your feet into the pockets of this concave. With 3 sizes, you’re sure to find the one that’s perfect for you – the perfect board for the whole family.

And lastly, we have the all new Rayne G-Mack Pro Model, designed by pro rider George Mackenzie. He is a master of riding switch, so this board fits his style for just that. Riding regular or goofy, this board has no front or back, no nose or tail. It’s all the same, all the way around. So it’s perfect for freeriding. George has even won a few slide comps switch! How crazy is that? But if you’re feelin’ extra ballsy, you can take it to George’s level and downhill switch. That’s right, hitting maximum speed and pre drifting, all in switch. It’s time you upgraded your ride to one of the new Rayne boards for 2014. And if you think it doesn’t fit your style of riding, then your style of riding is wrong. Get the need for speed and ride one of the best boards out there.

It’s All About These Wheels

Posted By: Pete Benda

These Wheels

What wheels are you riding? Are you riding These Wheels? If not, you might need to look at your life; because for some reason, you’ve decided not to ride the best of the best. These Wheels is the newest wheel company to reach the downhill longboarding scene and has already made a name for itself. These Wheels are poured in-house at the SkateOne Factory in Santa Barbara, California which means you’re getting the highest quality American made urethane out there. These started with the initial release of the 717 Freeride Formula in a 70 and 75mm freeride wheel. This wheel dominated the freeride game immediately. The extreme ease of sliding made this wheel perfect for any rider out there. Whether you’re trying to learn your first stand up slide, or if you’re looking to take your stand ups to the 3rd digit, the release point and hook up of this wheel made it super easy to do so. With the release of the 717, we knew that These Wheels was going to be something completely different. After the initial boom of the 717 wheels, These released the all-new 727. They are a grippier version of the 717 formula, for even faster freeriding. These wheels were designed to take the fastest lines, while taking your downhill runs with standup slides. They offered and extremely smooth and predictable ride, but then again, which These Wheels don’t offer that? Of course, These recognized that not everyone could afford the extremely high quality 717 and 727 formula wheels. So they offered a price point wheels in the ATF 317 and ATF 327 formulas. But don’t think for one second that just because these wheels are cheaper, that they don’t offer the same high quality slide and control of their more expensive counterpart. They ATF’s are just designed for more every day riding; still smooth, predictable, and fast. But then we started getting anxious, and These Wheels started tempting us, watching their team riders race around the world on what could only be a square-lipped These Wheels… They teased the market for over a year. With no leaks or hints on what the wheel could be… Was it the 727 formula? What was this new wheel? There were no answers in sight. Finally though, for total domination of the wheel market, These Wheels released their first square lipped downhill wheel, the These Pro K Rimes Stage 1. They feature a 72mm 78a design in the KRF formula. What this means is a perfectly sized wheel to fit on any ride without wheelbite, in a formula that is the grippiest formula out there, but when kicked out into a slide, offer the smoothest slide out there. Could we say that the perfect wheel has been achieved? A wheel that is both grippy and slippery? How can this be? That’s the magic of the KRF formula and the design of the Stage 1’s are perfect. When you shred the wheels past their square lips, they become a centerset freeride wheel. So you get both a downhill and a freeride wheel all in. So if you’re tired of riding the rest, ride the best, with These Wheels.

The 2014 Sector 9 Mini Shaka

Posted By: Pete Benda

Sector 9 Mini Shaka

The 2014 Sector 9 Mini Shaka is a rad do it all board for any level of riding. From the beginner to the advanced, the Sector 9 Mini Shaka is designed to do it all. This board features a micro drop symmetrical standing foot platform, making this a freeriding dream. The micro drops creates a perfect pocket to lock your feet into. When looking to shove out 30 foot toeside checks, you’re sure to stay locked and loaded into this ride. The drops also fit a speed tuck perfectly. So if you’re ready to get in gear and charge your local runs with nothing but speed in mind, the Mini Shaka will be perfect for you. The dropped platform not only lowers you to the ground, making you more stable, but also makes pushing around town much easier. It’s designed for all skill levels out there. Equipped with asymmetrical nose and tail, this board is freeride and freestyle capable while also keeping you locked for going downhill, taking the fastest lines possible. Equipped for all styles of riding is the all new 2014 Sector 9 Mini Shaka.