Push Culture News – Doing news RIGHT!

http://thisispushculture.com/  This is the link to one of the sweetest sites out there.  Keeping y’all up to date on the coolest things happening in skateboarding and longboarding!

Howdy there,

A while back we absentmindedly published some stuff that kinda bummed out the guys over at Push Culture.  It was a huge mix up but we had no negative intentions behind everything.  Now that things are clear we want to go out a little further and make sure that the people out there who dont know about Push Culture News get educated!

Brian Davenport doing a narrated raw run with some sick riders, including Daddies own Robin McGuirk – Photo: By me – Spencer Morgan

Chances are if you go out to races you’ve seen these guys around.  You see their live feeds and coverage that they have up and literally they cover so many events!  You could say that some blood, sweat, and tears have been put into making Push Culture what it is.

What sets them apart from all the other media, in our opinion?  They do most of it themselves!  Sure every now and then when a sick video is released by someone else they help spread the stoke and put it up on their site but so much of their content is gathered and created by them.  Remember WAYYYY before anyone ever heard of the Original Freeride board?  Push Culture met up with the dudes at original and did some testing on the prototypes.  Afterwards they made a sick video to give all of us the lowdown on what to expect in the near future.

Thats why Push Culture is awesome… they dont just wait for the same old videos to come out to fuel their site… they go out and get the info themselves, and they always pick cool stuff to develop as content.

We’re sorry for the mix up guys but we got nothing but love for you and what you do!  Keep on pushing!

DBS Crew

One thought on “Push Culture News – Doing news RIGHT!

  1. Push Culture is the bomb. They've covered each of my Central MA events, and they add an awesome element to the sport. I totally agree with the article – they bring a live reporting side to the sport that no one else offers. In comparison to Push Culture news, a lot of other stuff can just feel like regurgitation. To top it off, they're super chill guys. Much love!

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