Rainy Day Activities

Yesterday, after hours of unconventional mid-winter sunlight in Portland, in began to pour rain.  This was especially disappointing because I was minutes away from ditching out on the last few hours of work to go bomb some hills and watch my comrade slip slide away on some new Fernando Yuppie Power Slides (NEW! From Abec 11/Sublime).  So instead of fun in the diluted sun, I spent the afternoon doodling and fantasizing about the summer nights I spend alone with my skateboard in quiet contemplation, surrounded by soft candlelight, covered in war paint.

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About petesmash

Halsey Art Collective is a small group of humans with an affinity for skateboarding and its close ties to Crypto Zoology (the study of monsters). Our art is inspired by 4th dimensional forms that we've only been able to catch shadowy glimpses of in our most super-sexy nightmares. We've grown up with skateboarding as our only real security blanket in a world full of straight up scary ass beasts, and intend to give back to the culture by making our art. Hope you dig it. And if you dont, well then you probably hate chocolate milk too and there is no saving you.

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