Thrasher’s Idea of Skate Everything

Ya know, people talk about “skate everything” and whatnot, it is a popular phrase going around right now. Skate[slate] had that photo contest too. Still wish I would have gotten some of that prize stuff from them for getting second place.  I wanted to hook my friends up with it, thought I would stoke them about a bit. So thats a pretty big bummer, all that falling through and all.  I hope all the other people who placed in it got their prizes though; there would be no reason to not want to give them their stuff. I got side tracked…

But any who, speaking of “skate everything,” I think that Thrasher has a pretty good idea of how to do that. This video is filled with stupid little tricks that when put all together, end up making a super sick little edit.  Yeah, we like the way Thrasher skates everything.

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