Walls are fun

Pete Benda - Wallride

We don’t know what it is but there is something about wall rides that just are appealing. Generally you see a wall and don’t think about riding on it, well unless you got a board under your feet… It really just grabs our attention as another way to defy gravity with a skateboard.

Pete Benda Kickflip Fakie


Pete Benda FS AIR

Banks are classic as well… this one is pretty small but its still fun to play around on. Classic portland spot!


Spencer is actually riding the fernando yuppie sublime/ abec 11 power slides. They are nice and big so rolling over rocks and stuff to get up to jenky little spots like this are nice and easy!

Spencer Doing a wall ride too!

This is the same wall that the skate everything photo was taken on. Same spencer too 😀

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