2012 Airblaster Board Games!!!

The Glory of Mt Hood!

This last weekend we went up to Mt. Hood to enjoy the Airblaster Board Games for 2012! It is an awesome event that is all about having a good time. Being serious made you lose points! haha… it was a bunch of fun and we got a bunch of sweet pictures of everything that went down! Check it out!

My Buddy Ricky Hower explaining the shindig!

Starting the jam off with FUN!

Oh hey Poler dude... There were some camp vibes going down!

Blastin air over homies!

Then it started getting crazy

Cartwheels galore!

Trash Talking to Travil Parker... all in good fun though!

Ricky Hower! One of my favorite Chums!

Jesse Grandkowski... owner of airblaster and awesome shredder!

Grippin and grabbin!

Crazy sick tweak

This dude was killing it!

Getting crazy layback style! I love this one!

Hey nice fancy camera... I SHALL SLASH SNOW AT IT!

Jesse Grandkowski again with a sick roast beef

I see your indy and will raise you one stiffy!

Upside down was the way to go

FUn hip hits

Camp vibes! yeah Poler Stuff

Shop employee Spencer and his daughter Amelie up there repping DBS!

For more photos on the event and how it all went down check here!Ā 

36 thoughts on “2012 Airblaster Board Games!!!

    • Totally man! Airblaster has one of the best vibes in Snowboarding. The owner/co-founder, Jesse Grandkowski, was out there getting his shred on all day with everyone else. Not many owners of companies can do that… but Jesse is truly an individual who loves the sport and it shows in their company. Airblaster is SO SICK!

    • lol ya know what… we truthfully just got the custom options upgrade where you can alter your font and whatnot and just went from there. Our whole idea was “simple is better.” We just wanted to have it look nice and clean. Going for all the crazy graphics and everything in the background usually makes things look cluttered! Being concise was the best choice for us and it is generally easier for others to use as well! Hope that helps! Blogging is a blast!

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