Bringing Tha Rayne!

This past Sunday we had a little parking lot shindig and it was a blast! For the short notice it ended up not being too bad! Everyone was stoked! Riders from Rayne and Vicious made their way down from Canada (well… Wyatt is from California) . Check out some pics of the event!

The Rayne Rack getting set up.

Rayne wheels DAWG!

Some new fancy rayne stickers that everyone was loving on!

A classic Rayne Funstick!

Wyatt kicking it!

Les giving Austin, Eric, and Zach the rundown

The Rayne Mobile!

Tasty Melon!

Tasty snacks

Jesse manning the DBS grill!

These dogs are Kosher.

Chillin and grillin.

Eric Hoang – Thizz face.

Getting ready to get down

A solid group exercise learning the vicious ways!

Les schooling the groms!

The magic man Les Robertson!

Richard Topete mug shot! get better soon hombre!

This is where you know to get some!

Mike F getting gnarly

Zach Boston slipping and sliding on some Bones STF’s

Camden Benesh showing fools how its done!


Coming at you!

Wyatt getting his coleman steez on.

All in all we had a blast! the Rayne and Vicious dudes did a great job stoking people out and it was a great event! We hope you enjoy the photos and we will totally be doing something else again in the near future!!!

2 thoughts on “Bringing Tha Rayne!

  1. Pingback: Toeside no-comply 180 slide tips?

    • I think the best thing for this trick is to really be about mid-slide before you take that front foot off. Also it is all about shifting your balance and pressure to your foot that is off the board so that you can easily push your board around the rest of the way! Keep on practicing and keep shredding! You will get it dude!

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