A look at this weekends Log jam!

Setting up for the shred jam!

Trever being a man and hooving a ton of wood.


This is what makes a jam go down.

Dan cutting so much you would have thought he was a DJ.

The setup was starting to come together.

WATCH OUT! THIS ONE IS WILD! An Heir to the DBS throne!



Shop employee Jeffrey testing the waters.


There was tons of free food to be had!

And people began shredding!

Presses and butters galore! Even on skis! 

FS steeziness.

Everyone was lined up for the shred.

Brian Mullins spinning onto the log!


This dude was killing it. Frank???


so many tricks went down.

Good board choice!

all sorts of good stuff.


Spin and slide!

Brian getting ready to drop!

fs fun!

There was a great group of people out!

Windells ended up swinging by!


Sick presses

Log Jimmy Jamming!

Everyone had style!


The sun finally came out!

Awesome ski pants!

killing it!


Everyone was spinning out of the tricks!


Bigger jumps to rail taps went down too!

Style was everywhere!

And the ladies killed it just as hard as the boys!

All in all we had a great event and everyone went home with a prize in hand and a pocket full of stoke! It was pretty epic!

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