The Gravity Twin Kick Has Arrived

Gravity Twin Kick

The Gravity Twin Kick is Sick! We would say this board is the perfect longboard size. It’s 38 inches by 10 inches with a wheelbase of 28.25 inches. It’s not too big and not too small, like a shoe that fits just right. Gravity has come out with a board that does it all. The Twin Kick is 8 plies of maple, which will give you a stiff ride for stability with a slight amount of flex for road dampening. This board is really a staple style in the longboarding industry.

There are two things about this board that truly stands out though. The first thing is the drop deck style. This makes it so that you have the ultimate lock in feeling when you’re sliding and freeriding. And the perfect place to put your foot in for a speed tuck, and just all around awesomeness! The second thing is the twin nose and tail for all your freestyling needs. Manuals, shuvs, flips, tricks, kicks, it does it all and makes it all easier with this board. The Gravity Twin Kick is here and ready to roll. Get stoked, get riding, get sliding, and get your groove on!

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