Daddies Welcomes Riviera To The Family

Daddies is especially stoked to welcome Riviera Skateboards to the family. To celebrate, the good and hygienic folks at Riviera are hooking you up with free goodies.

For the month of March, all Riviera purchases will come with a free Riviera t-shirt. Just select a size when you are on the product page. Simple.

But wait…there’s more! The first 100 Riviera purchases will be entered to win Amanda Powell’s unreleased pro deck. All these goodies are provided by the good and hygienic folks at Riviera.

Feel free to race to the Riviera page to start checking out the decks. But if you want to learn a bit about why we’re so pumped to have Riviera in the lineup, keep reading friend. You see, Riviera made Connor happy. Connor is our operation manager and has been a part of the Daddies family since 1999. Connor is a stud at what he does, but he also distinguishes himself as our grumpiest coworker. We don’t know what makes him grumpy. It just is. I mean he works at a skateboard shop. What’s there to be grumpy about?? But I digress. Anyway, the point of the story is that Connor smiled the day the Riviera decks arrived. Maybe it was more of a smirk, but it was close enough.

Why the smile? The Catalina Island Classic from Riviera caught his eye. The shape of the Catalina reminded him of a, now vintage, Banzai metal board his dad bought him when he was kid. So Connor did the only thing that made sense. He tricked out the Catalina the day it arrived at the shop and rode it on home. Then he rode it back to the shop again the next morning. Then home again at night. Then…you get the point.

Sweet memories.

If you’re interested, Connor set his board up with Indy 109 trucks, 60mm 78a OJ Hot Juice wheels, and Oust Moc 5 Tech bearings.

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