The Rayne Fortune is in the House

Rayne Fortune P SwissWe’re stoked to say that we have the Rayne Fortune in the house, and it’s killin’ it! Rayne has changed the way boards will be built for years to come. The thing that excited us most about the Rayne P Swiss is the fat bottom construction. Does this mean that the Fortune has a badonk that just won’t quit? It could. But in actuality, the fat bottom construction is a way for Rayne to cut down on the weight of the deck without losing stability while at the same time maintaining a speed stiff deck. The deck is thick in the center and thins out when it goes towards the edge so that there are less materials. So it’s lighter but still thick at the center so that it is still speed stiff.

The other sweet thing we like about this board is the Bacon Weave concave which will give you points of reference for your feet. There are two points of reference in the front and two in the back. This also creates 3d concave that acts as wheel wells, letting you run looser trucks and larger wheels.

One thing that a lot of people don’t know is that this board comes with a micro kicked nose and tail. They are ILL! For those of you who don’t like kicktails this is perfect for you! It’ll add leverage for your manuals but are not huge like a skateboard’s. They’re the perfect addition to this downhill freeride board. Icing on cake.

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