Never Summer Industries: Tour of the New Factory and New 2013 Line-Up

This past week, Daddies Board Shop was fortunate enough to visit Never Summer Industries in Denver, Colorado. What do Daddies and Never Summer have in common? Well, we both love to shred the streets and the slopes, and we both recently moved into new production facilities! During the tour of their new facility, we got a chance to see just how much attention to detail and hard work is put into building these quality handmade boards. Each board pumped out of the Never Summer factory is put through a minimum of three quality control checkpoints, so you are guaranteed to get only the best when you pick up one of these longboards. Needless to say, the Never Summer 2013 longboard line up is going to crush it with everything from cruisers to directional downhill smashers and double drop freeride machines!

A couple of new models getting ready to get some materials shredded off by CNC machines and drum sanders.

There are a few technical features that should be noted on all the different boards in the lineup. Never Summer was one of the first board makers to use UHMW polyethylene, or “P-Tex” sidewalls in the construction of their snowboards, and have integrated the same technology in the nose and tails of their longboards for an insane amount of durability and protection. They have also been at the forefront in sublimating their graphics to keep them from chipping and scratching. Sublimated graphics also help protect the integrity of the lower laminates while holding up to regular wear and tear from riding. Last but not least is Never Summer’s Rubber Dampening system known as RDS Ride Stabilization. RDS provides you with unmatched stability and that signature Never Summer ride feel. These features along with several others are really what make Never Summer Longboards a premium product.


Every board that comes out of Never Summer’s new factory is polished to perfection by actual humans. This means handcrafted quality every board.

We were lucky enough to get one of these little bad boys from the guys over at Never Summer, and it sure is a blast! Coming in at 33.2” long and 9.25” wide, The Motive is a commuting/slalom dream! It comes built with precisely milled horizontal laminates and bi-directional fiberglass making it snappy and responsive with the perfect amount of flex to it. With optional wheelbases at 25.2-26.2” the fun is endless! Setting it up at the 25.2” wheelbase even gives you little effective kicktail for getting in those kick turns! Be sure to check out the Never Summer Motive longboard when the new line drops!


The decks get pressed first, then cut out to their specific shape by humans with high tech machines.


Every one of Never Summer’s P-Tex base graphics are die cut using a huge press thing. Basically, every base graphic means someone had to risk losing a finger to get it done. Kinda gnarly.

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