Ronin Cast Trucks are Ready to Dominate

Ronin Cast TrucksFinally! The world has waited long enough. Ronin has answered our prayers. I introduce to you, Cast Ronin Trucks. They are one of the top precision trucks on the market today and now they come in a cast version. Get ready to flip out. What makes these so great?! Because they’re Ronins! Alright alright, we know that’s not a good enough answer.

Let’s point out the obvious thing that separates these trucks from normal trucks. The beautiful support pin. What the support pin does is it takes all the weight of the rider. This allows all of your weight to not crush down on the bushings like normal trucks. And because it’s not crushing down on the trucks, it lets your bushings have the turn and rebound they’re supposed to have. What does this mean? Well what this does is gives you the truest turn, lean, and rebound out of your bushings. How this works is that your bushings will sit in the trucks like they were designed to. They retain their original shape. But there’s more to what the support pin does than just supporting your weight. From having the support pin, your hanger now turns on two axis. The first axis is the bushings and the kingpin. That’s the standard on all other trucks. But what the support pin does is gives you a second axis point. It gives you the perfect turn and a very smooth and reliable transition in your ride. This eliminates slop in your turning so that when you want to turn and lean you get exactly what you were looking for. The support pin will change your life more than the day you were born. Well… Maybe we’ll just say it’s a close second to that day. But it’s a game changer for Ronin Trucks for sure!

What are the other things that makes this truck so radtastic?! It comes in a true 180mm hanger width. Just that PERFECT width for the balance, stability and maneuverability you crave. They are also stock with 92a “fruit punch” bushings. This may seem like the bushings are a little bit on the harder side, but keep in mind that the bushings don’t have to support your weight so they have a lot more turn and rebound in them and have a much looser feel when you ride. They also come in a 42.5 degree baseplate. This may seem like a low degree but this is actually the perfect degree for FAST downhilling and INTENSE freeriding. Could we have found the perfect truck?!?! We’ll let the riders decide on that one.

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