New 2013 Landyachtz Tomahawk

The Landyachtz TomahawkLandyachtz Tomahawk is here to make your friends drool over your new setup. We loved the old Tomahawk but this new and revised version is just oh so much better. Where the older Tomahawk had nine plies of maple, the new and improved Tomahawk has seven plies of maple and fiberglass. The result: a snappier flex and bounce while still remaining speed stiff. We saw this board KILL it at the Maryhill Freeride event! The other big change: bigger kicks! This makes all your flip tricks even easier by having so much more space to rest your feet on. They actually mimic skateboard kicktails. You could even try a pop shovit lateflip on this board! If you have the skills of course….Anything is possible. Landyachtz also shelved the drop platform and instead put in raised wheel wells that are sanded. You’ll have TONS of room for wheel clearance and it’ll feel great beneath your feet for a loosey goosey ride! Oh this board just makes us drool more than Homer Simpson over doughnuts…. mmm…. doughnuts…. And tomahawks….. Both very good things you need in life!

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