What Are the New Orangatang Freeride Wheels?

Let me tell you. We have three super stars in the building. The Orangatang Keanu, Orangatang Kilmer, and Orangatang Cage. No, not the actors. We don’t have that kind of budget at Daddies Board Shop. But what we do have is three of the most anticipated freeride wheels on the market. The new Orangatang freeride wheels! “What’s so awesome about them DBS? There are already a million freeride wheels on the market.” We would tell you that there are a million freeride wheels, but you of course want the best of the best freeride wheels out there, and that’s what Orangatang has brought to you. The Keanu, the Kilmer, and the Cage are going to be the all-star team for your next setup. The most obvious thing about the wheel is the new large core. We’ve been seeing a lot of companies doing this lately and there is good reason for it. This supports the urethane a lot more than your average core, making it so that your wheels have the fastest roll speed possible. If you’re still into slow freeriding, you’re blowing it! But on top of the roll speed, it supports the urethane and keeps everything tight, giving you no slop on the thane when you slide. What does that mean? Your slides will be perfect for putting on pancakes. They’ll be butter. Haha! All three of these wheels are also centerset. So when you start wearing down these wheels you’ll be able to rotate the wheels so that they’ll last longer. But that’s something you won’t have to worry about because the core gives the wheel a more even wear pattern so that you’ll be able to skate this and love it straight to the core. That’s if you ever get to the core because the urethane is so durable and will last forever. Especially when you are deciding between the 80a, 83a, and 86a and go with the durable and slidey 86a! But what are the differences between the three wheels? The first is the Keanu being a 66mm wheel. The smaller wheel also has the smallest contact patch of the three, making this wheel easier to initiate slides, and the slipperiest of the three. Next comes the Kilmer at 69mm in size. The Kilmer is the all around size and the perfect combination of high speed as well as easy initiation into slides. The Kilmer will be a larger wheel while still avoiding the awful wheelbite. The Kilmer is perfect for those who don’t know what size to get, get the perfect medium! And then there is the Cage. The Cage is designed for fast riding with the 73mm contact patch. It has the fastest top speed of all three wheels and also the widest contact patch. The Cage is also great for technical downhill courses it’ll be perfectly smooth for predrifts with it’s high roll speed. So pick up one of these three all new centerset freeride wheels today! Or even all three! The Keanu on your short double kick board, the Kilmer on your freeride board, and the Cage on your downhill setup!

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