Penny Skateboards

Penny Skateboards probably need no introduction, but just in case they are new t you, here’s the scoop. Penny Boards are the classic short plastic boards you’ve seen around the streets for years. What makes them dope? Well first, is that they are just so compact that it makes them super convenient. Easy to throw around, easy to carry, easy to push around. Life’s easy with a Penny board.

Some might ask: how durable is a board that’s made out of plastic? We know all of you wood pushers are wondering this. Well, this makes the deck waterproof. But as far as durability goes, Penny Boards got what you need. Just a simple search of videos of Penny boards reveals them being ran over by cars. They survive! Yes they aren’t just any regular plastic. They are a flex plastic that’ll bend underneath the car instead of snapping in half. So they are super durable. On top of that, the small size and small wheelbase makes this board super easy to cruise the city, taking every tight turning radius in your path.

Not only does Penny make Penny boards, they also make the Nickel! For those who might want something a little bigger, Penny has gotten your back by releasing the Nickel. Maybe one day they’ll release a downhill board size called the Quarter! And don’t forget, they come in a ton of different and awesome color combinations. Penny boards also look great through Instagram filters so your friends know how awesome you are (#stoked). It’s the perfect board for all of your cruising needs!

1 thought on “Penny Skateboards

  1. I’ve always wanted/needed a smaller board(since I first started on a shortboard), but I’ve tried the penny boards and they always feel like they are going to snap under my weight.(at most i’m 140lbs) is that the way that they are supposed to be or am i doing something wrong???????

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