7 Awesome Longboard Companies You Should Know

Posted By: Pete Benda

I gave you an intro to longboarding in general, explained the different styles, and now I think you’re ready for an intro to seven of the raddest brands in the industry today. While I’m just talking about seven today, there are way more brands to check out, including some that would be a shame to miss out on. I say this over and over, but do your research, read up on the styles and brands, watch a bunch of videos, and figure out what you want because diving in blind could be a recipe for disaster. Some longboarding brands focus on the more minimal designs, and others are all about creativity and innovation. With a little help from me, and enough time and research on your part, you’re bound to find the perfect board for you.

Sector 9

Most people who longboard know Sector 9. They might be the most influential brand as far as longboarding development. In the 90s, Sector 9 made the first products specifically meant for longboarding and they keep doing whatever possible to help the sport advance. They created some of the most popular freeride, race, and cruising wheels in the industry and have probably the largest offering of decks in the industry.


Bustin Longboards began in 2001 as a company run by skaters, for skaters. Their mission is to create and sell the planet’s most advanced longboards. They love life, love cruising, and love doing whatever they can to help the people who buy the longboards they make feel the grassroots vibe the company is so proud of.


Flat out awesome. That’s the best way to describe Arbor. Their longboards are clean and classy, and their riders have beautiful style. We’re talking James Kelly, Liam Morgan, Aaron Grulich… world-class riders all of them. If you believe ancient saying “look good, skate good” you should check Arbor out.


Loaded Longboards… just……..awesome. The world loves them because they do their own thing, incorporating bamboo construction and state-of-the-art molds to create high performance boards for every riding style. Thanks to them we were able to see high end products that continually live up to and beyond their reputation. To this day they continue to be thecompany known for creating boards that are unique and completely innovative.


Caliber makes trucks, and they do a hell of a job at it. They keep the design of their trucks minimalist making sure you get what you want without all the unnecessary flashiness of a lot of other brands. High quality, high performance, and no distraction, that’s what you get with all of the trucks Caliber makes.


You’ve heard of the Apex Series boards, right? All over longboarders have been falling head over heels for these boards by Original. The company is a staple in the industry. With a huge online fan base and tons of new original and innovate products being released, Original knows what their fans want.


Gravity Longboards releases high quality boards that suit all styles of riding. Whatever style gets you stoked, they’ve got something that is going to be just what you want, but better.

Want more? Okay.

Best Longboard Brands

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