Sector 9 Skiddles

Sector 9 SkiddlesThe newest set of Sector 9 wheels has been released: The Sector 9 Skiddles! The first set of sideset freeride wheels, the Skiddles joins Sector 9’s already awesome freeride wheel lineup. A lineup that includes the classic and thaney Butterballs: a set of race formula freeride wheels, in 78, 80, and 83a. The Skiddles come in a sideset desgin that’s perfect for easing into freeriding. Having the bearing hub to the side of the wheel gives the wheel less urethane resisting your slides making freeriding easier than ever. With its rounded edges on both the outer and inner radiuses, you’re sure to never get hooked up on the road, keeping you sliding for longer. The Sector 9 Skiddles also comes in 5 extremely tasty colors, orange, yellow, blue, green, and purple. And of course the Sector 9 Butterballs were extremely thaney so you know the Skiddles will shred thane as well! They will completely cover your roads in thane lines. So if you’re ready to taste the thanebow, the Skiddles are perfect for you.

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