Comet’s 2014 Longboard Lineup is shred-tastic

Posted By: Pete Benda

Comet 2014 Longboards

Comet’s 2014 Lineup is shred-tastic!

The 2014 Comet Longboard lineup has been released and they are killing it! These boards are revamped and better than ever. Coming at you with some new and crazy concoctions.

First and foremost is the all-new Swell Series. They’re your classic campus cruisin’, city slashin’, all around distance destroyers. They’re awesome for getting around town, makin’ beer runs, and shreddin’ the streets with your friends. The Swell Series features 3 all new decks, the Comet Handle, the Comet Kick, and the Comet Swallow. All three boards would be a fantastic addition to any quiver.

Comet also released a limited edition Winds of Change lineup. This is the classic street skate series from Comet. Coming in all of your favorite sizes. Featuring a Comet Winds of Change 8.00″, Comet Winds of Change 8.25″ and Comet Winds of Change 8.50″ wide. Comet has dominated the streets and is now ready to shred and destroy your parks and pools.

But of course, if street boards aren’t your style and you’re a longboarder at heart who wants to give park and pools a try, Comet has the Shred Series. Featuring the Comet Shred 32, Comet Shred 33, and the Comet Shred 38. Ready for your parks while still letting you longboarders mob hills and freeride your thane away.

Last but not least, Comet is introducing new technology and changing the way we will forever see board design: the all-new Air Frame Technology. What Air Frame Technology does, is it actually stiffens up your ride, making your board both lighter and stiffer, thanks to hollow cores inside of it. Several of the Comet boards have gotten this sweet makeover. First would be the Comet Noah Sakamoto. A staple in the industry in such a short amount of time. A true do it all setup. And, with full anticipation, they have made the OG downhill deck an Air Frame as well! The Comet Voodoo Doll! Yes that is right! The classic top mount directional board is now air framed! Lighter, stronger, and better than ever!

All in all we couldn’t be any more stoked for Comet then we are right now. They’re killin’ it as always and going harder this year than ever. A full and powerful lineup ready to shred it all.

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