Madrid 2014 – Checkout the new lineup

Posted By: Pete Benda

Madrid 2014 Longboards

Madrid is coming at you with an awesome lineup that’s sure to fit anyone’s needs and styles. This year we’ve brought in a ton more boards from them and we couldn’t be more stoked!

First off we’ve got the amazing Madrid Anvil. Zak Maytum’s very own pro model so you know it’s sure to be an amazing downhill hit. This board tracks amazingly well and is more stable than any other ride you could ever imagine. Complete stability has been achieved.

But downhill isn’t the only thing always on our mind. We brought in the Madrid Goat Sucker and the Madrid Havoc to meet your freeride needs. The Madrid Goat Sucker is a completely symmetrical board while the Madrid Havoc is a directional single kick setup; both are ready for charging hills while still getting sideways.

But sometimes speed isn’t always on our mind. So what we did is we brought in the Madrid TwinTwin for having fun, cruising around, and getting some sweet freestyle moves in. With everything that we brought in from Madrid, we couldn’t be any happier with our lineup, it’s ready and equipped for all of your riding style needs. Whether its campus cruising or downhill racing in the Rockies, the entire Madrid lineup is ready to suit your style.

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