Arbor 2014 Longboards

Posted By: Pete Benda

Arbor 2014 Longboards

Arbor is doing something special this year and making sure you get the best of the best from not only their decks, but wheels as well.

This year Arbor started something called the Sucrose Initiative. The Sucrose Initiative is their whole new lineup in wheels that pair up perfectly with any style of deck you may be riding. First is the Arbor Bogart. It’s a 61mm tall wheel that pairs up perfectly with the new and improved Arbor Shakedowns. Being a small wheel they’re awesome for cruising around and getting from place to place. But because of the Sucrose urethane, they are perfect for freeriding as well. So not only can you cruise on the Shakedown, you can get gnarly on them as well.

Next in the lineup is the Arbor Mosh. We love this wheel on the Arbor Bug. Perfect for cruising around and getting better roll speeds while also a quick acceleration while pushing. This is an awesome wheel, especially for tight downtown city shredding.

Lastly we have the all new Arbor Vice and the Arbor Summit wheels. Both of these wheels we would slap onto the all new Arbor Backlash 37. When you want to get your freeriding on and get sideways like none other, the Arbor Vice is the perfect ride for such a thing. And when you’re looking to downhill and reach maximum speed, the Arbor Summit is perfect for you. It’ll help you take the inside line as well as give you maximum exit speed out of your predrifts. You are wondering why both of those wheels are good for one board? Because the Backlash 37 is that great of a setup! Ready to rip both styles!

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