Never Summer 2014 Longboards

Posted By: Pete Benda

Never Summer 2014 Longboards

Never Summer is made up of some awesome guys from Colorado that you need to get to know. Not only are they an amazing snowboard manufacturer but they’re taking what they know about the construction of a snowboard, and putting them into the longboarding world. There is honestly not a single other board on the market with a construction like a Never Summer. The Never Summer lineup features speed boards, cruiser boards, freestyle boards, freeride boards, and everything in between.

First you get the Never Summer Admiral. This is an awesome freeride / freestyle board that’s ready to take command. With its 3D channels that are only able to be done by Never Summer, this board has awesome rails to hold on to when predrifting as well as early grabbing. But it comes in a larger size as well, the Never Summer Commander. Truly construction we have never seen before.

Then there is the double drop boards, the Never Summer Hooligan and the Never Summer Deviant. Being so low to the ground, these boards are extremely stable and comfortable for pushing around town as well. The drop platform also locks you in for freeriding and is perfect for freestyling the day away.

And of course there is always downhilling. The Never Summer Reaper fits that exact need of a top mount directional speed board. Because of Never Summer’s awesome design, this board features rocker, recessed truck mounts, wheel wells, wheel flares, micro drop, and W concave. A ton of features all designed to lock you in. This was only possible with Never Summer’s amazing snowboard construction in the longboarding world. Overall, these snowboarders are here to show you that they are a force to be reckoned with in the longboarding world.

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