8 Killer Longboarding Videos

Posted By: Pete Benda

When learning any new longboard skill or technique, I strongly recommend taking some time to study how other longboarders flex their decks. Even a less-experienced rider can teach us a great deal about how to control a board or land a creative new trick. Unfortunately, longboarding isn’t quite as popular as baseball and finding other local riders isn’t always easy, but thanks to the wondrous high-definition magic of the Internet, you can easily study longboarders of all kinds in order to perfect your shred or just vicariously enjoy a smooth cruise down a freshly paved road.

Here are a few killer videos I have personally collected for your home viewing entertainment:

  • 10 Beginner Longboard Tricks: Aside from the wicked shades worn by this neighborhood cruiser, I like the simplicity of this video and the great angles he has collected to display his tricks. It’s a great instructional video with few words and a sweet soundtrack.

  • Epic Longboard Trick Montage: This video is a great inspirational montage that does a great job exposing the many types of longboard techniques. From a great segment on carving and sliding to some pretty creative flatland tricks, this short clip will get you pumped for a good day on the board.

  • Best of Longboarding and GoPro Longboarding Tricks: Both of these videos really show off the potential of modern filming equipment with some beautiful and truly cinematic footage of great sliding and flip tricks. Filming your own sessions is a great way to improve your chops and notice exactly why you might be having trouble perfecting a dramatic Coleman slide or tiger claw. The GoPro has really revolutionized the sport and is a great tool for getting the most out of the extreme sport you love.

  • Longboard Girls’ Crew: I was stoked to come across this awesome video of a longboarding girls’ crew hitting some scenic slopes surrounded by thick forests. Skateboarding and longboarding can often seemed overwhelmingly male-dominated, and I truly appreciate when the gals get together to blow us away. I tip my hat to these young ladies having a great time.

  • Longboarding: Bruno & Camilo in Bogota Part 1: Shot in the lovely capital of Colombia, this video not only highlights the skills of some really incredible riders but also pays homage to our brothers in Latin America. One of my favorite aspects of longboarding and extreme sports in general is their ability to cross borders – these guys do an awesome job of repping some Latin flavor in a truly lovely city.

  • Sergio Yuppie – King of Downhill Slide: Huge props to this short documentary that is sure to blow you away. Once again, it highlights international talent while expressing some truly spiritual longboarding and skating philosophy. This guy is a true inspiration.

  • Night Ride #1: I really like this last video for its original artistry – it is a perfect example of some of the places you can take longboarding. These guys are certainly getting creative in a beautiful setting and reminding us of the joy of skating with friends. Watching it reminds me of why I love this sport and how much fun I can have in truly any place and at any time.

Get Out There!

While watching longboard videos might be a great way to spend an afternoon, I tend to save it for a rainy day. If the sun is shining, I encourage all of you to grab your deck and hit the streets – nothing can replace the awesome feeling of soaking up nature’s positive energy while enjoying the sport we love!

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Pete has been living and breathing skate culture since he was a damn baby. In the last 3 years Pete Benda has worn many a hat at Daddies Board Shop, the world’s largest longboard shop. From warehouse manager to social media guru to longboard hard-goods buyer, Pete has an instrumental role in helping Daddies dominate the skateboarding world and crush everything in its wake (cue evil laugh). Posted By: Pete Benda

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