It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s a Jet!

Posted By: Pete Benda

Jet Skateboards

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s a Jet! Jet boards that is. We got a whole new line of Jet boards at the shop! We’re gonna keep this short and sweet and to the point because we gotta get out of this office and go shred them.

We have five brand new Jet boards this year: The Jet Kool Kick, Jet Baked Potato, Jet Tomahawk, Jet Vulcan Rocker, and Jet Tomahawk Rocker. These boards are designed for going FAST! They all feature torsional stiffness and that, ladies and gentleman, helps prevent speed wobbles. Because they’re Jet boards, you know you have something that is extremely durable to last a very long time.

The question is, what should we ride? Maybe we want a little bit of extra concave and that locked-in feeling for freeriding, which means we’ll want some dropped platforms. That’ll mean we want the Baked Potato. What about single kicks? Then we’ll grab the Kool Kick! Yeah that’s the one! Oh but wait… What if we want to go fast and race today? Maybe the Tomahawk? Yeah the Jet Tomahawk and its top mounted goodness are so stable and so responsive and grippy. But maybe we want a little cradling because we miss our mom… That means we want Vulcan Rocker or the Tomahawk Rocker! That ‘oh so sweet’ foot cradling. Jet has so many options it makes our lives so hard… There’s only one option. We’re gonna ride them all!

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Pete has been living and breathing skate culture since he was a damn baby. In the last 3 years Pete Benda has worn many a hat at Daddies Board Shop, the world’s largest longboard shop. From warehouse manager to social media guru to longboard hard-goods buyer, Pete has an instrumental role in helping Daddies dominate the skateboarding world and crush everything in its wake (cue evil laugh). Posted By: Pete Benda

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