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Rayne Piranha and Ranye Future Killer

Rayne Future Killer and Rayne PiranhaOh man! We’re making it Rayne at Daddies Board Shop! Two new boards just came in! We are now stocked on the new Rayne Piranha and the new Rayne Future Killer! Get stoked on going fast, going sideways, and straight up winning podiums because that’s all you’ll be able to do with these new boards. The new Piranha is a double drop board with a 5/8″ radial drop giving you a locked in feeling when tucking and racing. And because it’s so low, it’s also awesome for pushing! The Piranha is the baby brother to the Rayne Amazon. So for those of you who thought the Rayne Amazon is just a little bit too big, Rayne has answered your prayers! The smaller ride gives you a tighter turning radius, a quicker and more responsive ride, and gives an assist to those with smaller tucks.

On the second episode of “DBS Makes it Rayne,” comes the new Rayne Future Killer. The Rayne Future Killer is symmetrical enough to freeride without a care in the world, but is directional enough so that downhilling on it you’ll always have a front and a back so that you will never lose direction. What does that mean? The Future Killer is setup so that the board is completely symmetrical. Consequently, when you freeride it doesn’t matter which way you’re riding it. “But Daddies, you just said it’s also directional??” We’re getting to that! Yes, the board is completely symmetrical, but the W concave in the board and on the standing foot platform is not symmetrical. The Rayne Future Killer is introducing something new in Rayne we haven’t seen before. The back has the standard W concave you’ve always known and loved but the front has a new bubble dome concave. This will lock your feet in for when you tuck, and your front foot will be caressed on all sides by the Radial concave in the front and bubble dome concave in the back of your foot. Your toes and heel will be locked in by the wheel well flares and pleasure dome concave. 100% locked in feeling for the ULTIMATE tuck. This will ensure you never lose your tuck making you the fastest shredder down the hill! We are so stoked we’re on our way to setting one up right now… We’ll be right back….

Now that we’re done putting Vicious grip on the Future Killer we’ll fill you in lastly on why you should join the Rayne game. Both these boards are speed stiff giving you the ability to race and charge any mountain path in your way. And then both of these boards are made from vertically laminated bamboo and tri axel fiberglass making them extremely durable boards! And last but not least, each board has a bees wax finish around the edges making them water resistant and giving them a sweet honey scent! If you’re looking for the perfect boards, check out the new Rayne Piranha and new Rayne Future Killer. Make it Rayne Thane!

The Original Baffle 37 – Something New from Original

Original Baffle 37 LongboardOh man Original has come at us with something new and amazing – the Original Baffle 37! Are you confused and, dare I say, baffled and wondering what you should be riding these days? The Original Baffle 37 could very well be the solution to your shredding confusion.

First of all, the Baffle has a ton of wheelbase options to choose from ranging from 22.75″ all the way to 26″ allowing you to go with either a short wheelbase for all your freeriding pleasure or bigger wheelbase to provide stability on the biggest mountain hills. It is also a symmetrical design letting you ride whichever way you want without worry of your board being backwards. The board also comes with 3D wheel wells and wheel well flares which will accommodate any wheel size you would want to ride. And on top of that, the super functional nose and tail will let you pop any kind of tricks that you would want. So what is the real theme of this board? It will let you have any wheelbase you want, ride any way that you want, with any wheels that you want, and will pop any tricks that you want. It’s a do it all board that will do all that you want!

But there’s more to it than that. You will be extremely locked in on the Original Baffle. It comes with 1.25″ of rocker which is VERY deep giving you the most comfortable ride out there. But by having the board flush mounted it neutralizes the effects on the trucks bringing them back to their original truck’s degree geometry. So the board gives you maximum comfort without any of the negative effects. Be baffled no longer.

The New Original KT Arbiter 36

Original KT ArbiterOne of the most popular downhill boards on the market has come out with it’s bigger brother. The new Original KT Arbiter. The main difference between this board and the original Original Arbiter is obvious. The massive kicktail! Can you say, “game-changer?” Hopefully you can – it’s a pretty easy word to say. But I digress… Ollies and manuals and a whole wide variety of tricks are now easier than ever on your downhilling board. This gives you the ability to skate anything and everything in your way. The new Original KT Arbiter still saves everything that you have known and loved from the old Arbiter including the great concave it holds, directional shape, and top mount design. But it did tweak a few things as well. This time the wheel wells are huge, and we mean ginormous. This not only gives you wheel clearance but it also greatly reduces the weight of the board. That means more air for ollies and early grabs simply because there is less weight on the board. If you’re lookin’ for a downhill board that gives you a little bit of sugar and spice to throw some new tricks into, the Original KT Arbiter is one worth checking out.

New 2013 Landyachtz Tomahawk

The Landyachtz TomahawkLandyachtz Tomahawk is here to make your friends drool over your new setup. We loved the old Tomahawk but this new and revised version is just oh so much better. Where the older Tomahawk had nine plies of maple, the new and improved Tomahawk has seven plies of maple and fiberglass. The result: a snappier flex and bounce while still remaining speed stiff. We saw this board KILL it at the Maryhill Freeride event! The other big change: bigger kicks! This makes all your flip tricks even easier by having so much more space to rest your feet on. They actually mimic skateboard kicktails. You could even try a pop shovit lateflip on this board! If you have the skills of course….Anything is possible. Landyachtz also shelved the drop platform and instead put in raised wheel wells that are sanded. You’ll have TONS of room for wheel clearance and it’ll feel great beneath your feet for a loosey goosey ride! Oh this board just makes us drool more than Homer Simpson over doughnuts…. mmm…. doughnuts…. And tomahawks….. Both very good things you need in life!

A Sneak Peak at the Loaded Tesseract

What is the Loaded Tesseract? Is it another masterfully named board coming from the geniuses and possibly masterminds of the people at Loaded Boards? Yes. But it’s also more than that! It’s the do it all board. Do it ALL! Muahahahahahaha! Ok we might have been hanging out with the board building geniuses at Loaded too much ourselves… But here’s what hours of tireless and relentless testing gives you in a board. What we love about this board is that it is made out of fiberglass/epoxy skins sandwich two vertically-laminated bamboo cores, with the bottom layer of the laminated with cork. It has a very lightweight design while maintaining all that is necessities to do it all. Then Loaded and their top notch team of board designers put in both Rocker and W concave giving you a very locked in feel. They also wanted you to feel your board and know exactly where your feet are without having to look down. So they gave you wheel well flares! So you’ll get a sweet spot for when you wanna tuck and slide. Sweeter than grandma’s apple pie. So you get a sweet feel for both downhilling and freeriding.

One additional thing that the Loaded Tesseract gives you is multiple wheelbase options of 24.50″ and 26.00″ so you can adjust it to however you like. This truly makes it a do it all board for every kind of rider out there. Loaded has really made something that almost every rider will love.

The Landyachtz El Barbaro Longboard is Here

Landyachtz El Barbaro LongboardLandyachtz has been all about the short boards lately and we are loving them. First came the Peacemaker 36, followed by the Peacemaker 32. After that they made the Ripple Ridge. These boards have been amazing. And this time Landyachtz has came out with El Barbaro! The El Barbaro is an amazing cruiser and we’re beyond happy to have this a part of our lineup. Fresh of the mold presses and ready to be ripped. It was designed by Landyachtz team rider Max Gradmiller and made to do it all. Set it up with Standard Kingpin trucks and Landyachtz Street hawgs and you will never be without this board. Pools, parks, banks, ramps, hills, or just downtown cruising, the Landyachtz El Barbaro will be at your side. Classic shape, classic ride, classy slides. Check one out soon!

Daddies Welcomes Subsonic Skateboards to the Family!

Subsonic SkateboardsWith a balls-to-the-wall skate community, Portland is an amazing city to live in. We are lucky to be here. That is why we are extremely happy to welcome Subsonic Skateboards to our family! Subsonic is an amazing Portland-based board company and they fit right in with our shop. Scott, Subsonic’s founder, has been developing high-end custom boards for years. Now, he’s ready to spread the Subsonic love to a wider audience, and we’re honored he has chosen Daddies to help him do it. We now carry Subsonic’s two most eagerly demanded designs, the Vega and the Racecar. They are extremely high end downhill and freeride boards. Check ‘em.

Cloud Ride Ozones Are Here!

Cloud Ride Ozone Longboard WheelsAt the end of a rainbow you won’t find a pot of gold. But, if you’re lucky, you’ll find Cloud Ride Ozones.

These phenomenal wheels give an amazing slide. And they leave thane and thane AND THANE! We love them for fast freeriding and painting roads. They have a centerset design with a very strong core, which makes your wheels wear down evenly. If they do cone, you’re able to flip them around giving your wheels extra life. They are also a wider wheel making them perfect for doing FAST slides. The urethane of these wheels is just straight butter, giving you that perfect amount of slip and grip so you’ll know exactly how to grip a corner but also perfectly drift your wheels out and hook up at the same time. We love these wheels on any of our setups for cruising, carving, freeriding, and technical downhilling.

Ronin Cast Trucks are Ready to Dominate

Ronin Cast TrucksFinally! The world has waited long enough. Ronin has answered our prayers. I introduce to you, Cast Ronin Trucks. They are one of the top precision trucks on the market today and now they come in a cast version. Get ready to flip out. What makes these so great?! Because they’re Ronins! Alright alright, we know that’s not a good enough answer.

Let’s point out the obvious thing that separates these trucks from normal trucks. The beautiful support pin. What the support pin does is it takes all the weight of the rider. This allows all of your weight to not crush down on the bushings like normal trucks. And because it’s not crushing down on the trucks, it lets your bushings have the turn and rebound they’re supposed to have. What does this mean? Well what this does is gives you the truest turn, lean, and rebound out of your bushings. How this works is that your bushings will sit in the trucks like they were designed to. They retain their original shape. But there’s more to what the support pin does than just supporting your weight. From having the support pin, your hanger now turns on two axis. The first axis is the bushings and the kingpin. That’s the standard on all other trucks. But what the support pin does is gives you a second axis point. It gives you the perfect turn and a very smooth and reliable transition in your ride. This eliminates slop in your turning so that when you want to turn and lean you get exactly what you were looking for. The support pin will change your life more than the day you were born. Well… Maybe we’ll just say it’s a close second to that day. But it’s a game changer for Ronin Trucks for sure!

What are the other things that makes this truck so radtastic?! It comes in a true 180mm hanger width. Just that PERFECT width for the balance, stability and maneuverability you crave. They are also stock with 92a “fruit punch” bushings. This may seem like the bushings are a little bit on the harder side, but keep in mind that the bushings don’t have to support your weight so they have a lot more turn and rebound in them and have a much looser feel when you ride. They also come in a 42.5 degree baseplate. This may seem like a low degree but this is actually the perfect degree for FAST downhilling and INTENSE freeriding. Could we have found the perfect truck?!?! We’ll let the riders decide on that one.

Never Summer Industries: Tour of the New Factory and New 2013 Line-Up

This past week, Daddies Board Shop was fortunate enough to visit Never Summer Industries in Denver, Colorado. What do Daddies and Never Summer have in common? Well, we both love to shred the streets and the slopes, and we both recently moved into new production facilities! During the tour of their new facility, we got a chance to see just how much attention to detail and hard work is put into building these quality handmade boards. Each board pumped out of the Never Summer factory is put through a minimum of three quality control checkpoints, so you are guaranteed to get only the best when you pick up one of these longboards. Needless to say, the Never Summer 2013 longboard line up is going to crush it with everything from cruisers to directional downhill smashers and double drop freeride machines!

A couple of new models getting ready to get some materials shredded off by CNC machines and drum sanders.

There are a few technical features that should be noted on all the different boards in the lineup. Never Summer was one of the first board makers to use UHMW polyethylene, or “P-Tex” sidewalls in the construction of their snowboards, and have integrated the same technology in the nose and tails of their longboards for an insane amount of durability and protection. They have also been at the forefront in sublimating their graphics to keep them from chipping and scratching. Sublimated graphics also help protect the integrity of the lower laminates while holding up to regular wear and tear from riding. Last but not least is Never Summer’s Rubber Dampening system known as RDS Ride Stabilization. RDS provides you with unmatched stability and that signature Never Summer ride feel. These features along with several others are really what make Never Summer Longboards a premium product.


Every board that comes out of Never Summer’s new factory is polished to perfection by actual humans. This means handcrafted quality every board.

We were lucky enough to get one of these little bad boys from the guys over at Never Summer, and it sure is a blast! Coming in at 33.2” long and 9.25” wide, The Motive is a commuting/slalom dream! It comes built with precisely milled horizontal laminates and bi-directional fiberglass making it snappy and responsive with the perfect amount of flex to it. With optional wheelbases at 25.2-26.2” the fun is endless! Setting it up at the 25.2” wheelbase even gives you little effective kicktail for getting in those kick turns! Be sure to check out the Never Summer Motive longboard when the new line drops!


The decks get pressed first, then cut out to their specific shape by humans with high tech machines.


Every one of Never Summer’s P-Tex base graphics are die cut using a huge press thing. Basically, every base graphic means someone had to risk losing a finger to get it done. Kinda gnarly.