About petesmash

Halsey Art Collective is a small group of humans with an affinity for skateboarding and its close ties to Crypto Zoology (the study of monsters). Our art is inspired by 4th dimensional forms that we've only been able to catch shadowy glimpses of in our most super-sexy nightmares. We've grown up with skateboarding as our only real security blanket in a world full of straight up scary ass beasts, and intend to give back to the culture by making our art. Hope you dig it. And if you dont, well then you probably hate chocolate milk too and there is no saving you.

Endless Roads Episode 2: The Island

Endless Roads 2 – The Island from Juan Rayos on Vimeo.

In Episode 2 the ladies head to Mallorca for more gnarly hills, free ride, and a quick display of road rash.  Marisa Nuñez and Amanda Powell give the details on their set ups and prove they have the coolest job in the world.

Endless Roads Episode 1: Yellow Horizons

Endless Roads 1 – Yellow Horizons from Juan Rayos on Vimeo.

The first in what is now a series of 3 videos featuring the Longboard Girls Crew and Daddies Board Shop team riders Mariza Nuñez and Amanda Powell in an epic road trip through Spain.

Humpday Bump


Its the middle of the week and you feel trapped in the machine.  You want to break out.  You can feel yourself struggling to get free.  You can feel yourself morphing into a blue googly-eyed monster and like chase your french maid mom around the kitchen and then be a cowboy and then a boxer and friends, the end is in sight.  I see the light, press play and you will too.

Planetary Longboards features shut-ins in new video

Straight outta NZ: Planetary Longboards‘ Road Terrorist Sessions Ep2 video displays kiwi shred to the ambient sunny-day music of our friend and local Portland, OR artist shut-ins.  His track “Blood in your Toothbrush” starts off the video and is followed by DJ Shadow’s “Guns Blazing”.  Perfect soundtrack for straight up good times.  Buy shut-ins’ album “Underwrought Works” for very little scrilla.

Orangatang’s Sunny Side Up

Have you seen this yet?  Have you ordered a set of Orangatang Baluts already?  If you’re not convinced you need them, watch this.  Orangatang shows off their new wheel through a fish eye lens, a filming style new to longboarding, with beautiful San Francisco in the background.  I hope its nice and sunny where you are, as this clip has the potential to spark debilitating cabin fever.

Orangatang Balut Freeride Wheels Everwherre

It seems the new Balut wheels from Orangatang are making a splash in more markets than just our own.  This dude stopped by our shop today with 80a Orange Baluts on his candy painted orange wip and was all too eager to flip the switches and demonstrate how high this light wheel could pop.  The crazy big cores rival the 20’s he used to push aesthetically and functionally.   With less urethane to push through than The Durian and The Stimulus,  the Low-tang beast machine gets quicker transitions into slides,  allowing him to drift through urbania with ease and steeze.

Rainy Day Activities

Yesterday, after hours of unconventional mid-winter sunlight in Portland, in began to pour rain.  This was especially disappointing because I was minutes away from ditching out on the last few hours of work to go bomb some hills and watch my comrade slip slide away on some new Fernando Yuppie Power Slides (NEW! From Abec 11/Sublime).  So instead of fun in the diluted sun, I spent the afternoon doodling and fantasizing about the summer nights I spend alone with my skateboard in quiet contemplation, surrounded by soft candlelight, covered in war paint.