New Arbor Boards: It’s not the Vugenhausen…

Check out the Arbor Prodigy! I jacked this pic from James Kelly's facebook.

I don’t know how many of you guys warmed up to Arbor since they up’ed their downhill and freeride program but first thing I did was set up a Vugenhausen and go shreddin’ with it.  Obviously you can see that this new micro-dropped deck, called The Prodigy, has some striking resemblances with the Vugenhausen.  Also check out those pockets in the concave!  Very sharp angles and man do they look amazing!  They will no doubt be great for getting leverage in slides and cornering.

Heres what we know about The Prodigy so far. Get ready to get stoked!

  • It has 7 wooden plys and 4 fiberglass plys.
  • It is 38 inches long and 9.85 inches wide with a 30 inch wheelbase.

With the team that Arbor has (James Kelly, Kody Noble, Jimmy Riha) I personally find it kind of hard to hate on them.  I was mind blown the first time I rode the Vugenhausen and to this day it is still a happy family member in my quiver.  Also, I am not sure but that also looks like a new graphic for The Assault!  Get your cruise and carve on!


So many of you are familiar with our team… but are you familiar with our secret project? Of course not! Cause its a secret right now! Doing a lot of development though and pretty soon (hopefully) you guys will start seeing some more fun stuff. 
Right now we are doing a sneak peek of Bizarro James Kelly.  If you arent familiar with DC comics then it doesnt make sense but basically there is Superman, and then there is Bizarro Superman as you can see below.
So we went to his home planet and found Bizarro James Kelly.  You guys know the real James rides for motion but we got the pudgier and much more strange version for our secret project!  BUT he rides the Arbor Vugenhausen, he’s got some abec 11 freerides, got some oakley’s and vans… you would think they were the same person! 
So here is a few shots and you better believe there will be some videos coming up soon!  The next leak on our secret team is… The return of Silas Morgan! Stay posted!

Bizarro James Kelly… like bizarro superman

Bizarro James Kelly

Bizarro James Kelly

Bizarro James Kelly
Bizarro james kelly 

Bizarro James Kelly

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