Rainy Day Activities

Yesterday, after hours of unconventional mid-winter sunlight in Portland, in began to pour rain.  This was especially disappointing because I was minutes away from ditching out on the last few hours of work to go bomb some hills and watch my comrade slip slide away on some new Fernando Yuppie Power Slides (NEW! From Abec 11/Sublime).  So instead of fun in the diluted sun, I spent the afternoon doodling and fantasizing about the summer nights I spend alone with my skateboard in quiet contemplation, surrounded by soft candlelight, covered in war paint.

National Go Skateboarding Day

Oh National Go Skateboarding Day… you got the best of me… I got broke off… ended up getting my wrist x-rayed… no bueno.  But ya know what is bueno? Hooking kids up and getting them stoked out of their minds!  Here at daddies, we are pretty good at that! SOOOO once again… we delivered! Check the pics! Sorry there arent more or more interesting ones… like i said, i got broke off.

Mikey Tossin some shades out!

Kids winning proddy!

pickin up shades!

Makin it rain

These dudes killed the rail and were rewarded!


kids love stickers

Games of skate for bearings!

Looks like a fakie flip

A kid reppin the shop!


Ruben about to get some!

Mikey Duran

A front smith to end the day