The Loaded Overland is Almost Here

Posted By: Pete Benda

Loaded Overland

A double kick that’s double sick: the new Loaded Overland closes the gap between the Loaded Kanthaka and the Loaded Tesseract, giving you the perfect size board that’s designed for all kinds of riding. How can you decide if this board is the one for you? Well, you don’t! Loaded has already made it perfect for you, and me, and everyone else out there on planet earth.

This board comes in at 37 inches long, and 9.5 inches wide, with wheelbase options between perfect and perfect. 20-22 inches in wheelbase options gives you the ability to ride anything and everything in your path. Slap it on the shortest wheelbase with some TKP trucks and you’re ready to shred the park, street, and straight up city slash. Put on some RKP trucks at a 22 inch wheelbase and you have a freeriding machine, perfect for laying thane and taking names.

But if you feel up to it, you could even do a little bit of downhilling on this setup. This micro downhiller is nimble and maneuverable, too. This board features extra course grip tape on the sides of the board to lock you in, and mild griptape in the center to never inhibit your flip tricks. This board is designed by the evil masterminds down in California at the secret Loaded Facilities, so you know it’s a high-quality shred stick.

“One board to rule them all, one board to find them. One board to bring them all and in the darkness blind them.” The Loaded Overland: an absolute do-it-all setup.

Alex Tongue and other Orangatang riders going big!

Check out Daddies Board Shop team rider Alex Tongue in Big Wheels and Longboards!  He joins fellow Orangatang riders, including the much loved Patrick Switzer and Maxim Garant Rouseau, in an awesome run down the Italian Alps.  Aside from some amazing longboarding its awesome to see those other guys going down and drifting and sliding around everywhere on those gnarly big wheel tricycles.  All of the Orangatang riders really seem to favor those 80a 4 Presidents and In Heats.  Im curious to see if Orangatang will be using their new Euphorethane, thats featured in the new Balut’s, and implementing it in their other wheels.  I would love to have a set of 4 Presidents that I could get a little more life out of!

Daddies at Maryhill! The race from our eyes!

Mischo Erban and Katie Neilson!

Rebekka Gemperle and Andrew Chapman (theyd be a good couple!)

Andrew Chapman, Zak Maytum, James kelly

International Buddies!

Rebekka Gemperle & Ramon Konigshausen

Katie Neilson and the Legendary Chris Chaput

Kody Noble (all around slayer)

Rayne Mastermind and board master Graham Buksa (NOT BUSKA!)

Ben Driving the whip up

Wolfgang Coleman and Max Wipperman – Pregame bro-down

Maryhill Treats! Cowpies!

Max Standing out! Juniors II 1st place

The kick it zone


Sir Robin McGuirk

Rebekka Gemperle

Thumbs Up Brah

Katie Neilson!

Rippin and Dippin

Howdy Neighbor

The Flock

Oh what up scoot!

kill it dudes!

Martin Siegrist leading the crew

James Kelly, way ahead!

Andrew Chapman – The most gangster thug in my opinion

Zen Shikaze! Im a fan of this dude too!

Katie Neilson cannot be stopped!


lots of wheels!

Martin getting ready to push Zen off in the final turn!

Zen… definitely bummed about what happened

Kyle Chin

No Idea who this is but she was a racer

Portland Homies at the race!