Orangatang Balut Freeride Wheels Everwherre

It seems the new Balut wheels from Orangatang are making a splash in more markets than just our own.  This dude stopped by our shop today with 80a Orange Baluts on his candy painted orange wip and was all too eager to flip the switches and demonstrate how high this light wheel could pop.  The crazy big cores rival the 20’s he used to push aesthetically and functionally.   With less urethane to push through than The Durian and The Stimulus,  the Low-tang beast machine gets quicker transitions into slides,  allowing him to drift through urbania with ease and steeze.

Alex Tongue and other Orangatang riders going big!

Check out Daddies Board Shop team rider Alex Tongue in Big Wheels and Longboards!  He joins fellow Orangatang riders, including the much loved Patrick Switzer and Maxim Garant Rouseau, in an awesome run down the Italian Alps.  Aside from some amazing longboarding its awesome to see those other guys going down and drifting and sliding around everywhere on those gnarly big wheel tricycles.  All of the Orangatang riders really seem to favor those 80a 4 Presidents and In Heats.  Im curious to see if Orangatang will be using their new Euphorethane, thats featured in the new Balut’s, and implementing it in their other wheels.  I would love to have a set of 4 Presidents that I could get a little more life out of!

Push Culture News – Doing news RIGHT!

http://thisispushculture.com/  This is the link to one of the sweetest sites out there.  Keeping y’all up to date on the coolest things happening in skateboarding and longboarding!

Howdy there,

A while back we absentmindedly published some stuff that kinda bummed out the guys over at Push Culture.  It was a huge mix up but we had no negative intentions behind everything.  Now that things are clear we want to go out a little further and make sure that the people out there who dont know about Push Culture News get educated!

Brian Davenport doing a narrated raw run with some sick riders, including Daddies own Robin McGuirk – Photo: By me – Spencer Morgan

Chances are if you go out to races you’ve seen these guys around.  You see their live feeds and coverage that they have up and literally they cover so many events!  You could say that some blood, sweat, and tears have been put into making Push Culture what it is.

What sets them apart from all the other media, in our opinion?  They do most of it themselves!  Sure every now and then when a sick video is released by someone else they help spread the stoke and put it up on their site but so much of their content is gathered and created by them.  Remember WAYYYY before anyone ever heard of the Original Freeride board?  Push Culture met up with the dudes at original and did some testing on the prototypes.  Afterwards they made a sick video to give all of us the lowdown on what to expect in the near future.

Thats why Push Culture is awesome… they dont just wait for the same old videos to come out to fuel their site… they go out and get the info themselves, and they always pick cool stuff to develop as content.

We’re sorry for the mix up guys but we got nothing but love for you and what you do!  Keep on pushing!

DBS Crew

New Fun Product For Y’all!

Surf Rodz IndeeSz!  You know you love a good precision truck, especially when its affordable and isnt RPK!  The IndeeSz are sick and are a very good all around truck.  Surf Rodz is known for having legit product that is fun and interchangeable!  We are super stoked to have these trucks in!  We have the 177mm.   
These trucks are going to perform the best while freeriding.  They have a super smooth and stable turn and lean.  Of course you could throw some double barrels in these guys and set them up for downhill but I think most everyone will get the most pleasure out of utilizing their turn!  Check them out online and then pick a set up!

The Gullwing Charger II’s!!  The Charger 1’s are a great truck in their own regard BUT the Charger II’s are going to put Gullwing back on the map for speed boarding and freeriding.  I took these out right when we got them to see how they ride… my only qualm was the bushings.  BUT I will tell you more about them in a minute.  What I did was replace the bushings to get the desired lean that i personally like… The only reason I personally dont like them is because I am a tall dude and weigh like 215lbs.  The bushings are actually of great quality!  I ended up putting them in some paris trucks that i have on chopped voodoo original with a sicktail on it. (AWESOME SETUP BY THE WAY).  
I am really pleased with the Charger II’s… and i think tons of other people will as well!  I know Louis Pilloni digs them!  

Oh WHAAA????  Halsey Apparel is in too!  The first clothing company for longboarding!  Sport your colors and let everyone know… “Its not wrong to be long.”

Rad Tad, The Darkness, and Epilepsy.

Tad sent us this photo of him and all his steez.  It appears that it was taken by Dawn Moisanen… wish I could have gone and taken photos out at the freeride!!!! GRRRR.  Man, Tad seriously has some legit style.

New Black Caliber 44’s and 50’s in stock!!!! This photo just looked trippy so I kept it

Here you can actually tell that its black haha.  You know you want some of the Darkness.

Holy Scatman Crothers batman, Loaded Slide Gloves are now a sweet shade of “Epilepsy Yellow/Green!”
Hang Loose Bruddah. 

Signed Adam Colton Charity Calendar

Howdy Ho mates,

As you all may know here at daddies we made the Pups of Longboarding calendar last year and all the proceeds went to the oregon human society.  Well this year we made volume 2! Half of the proceeds go to the oregon humane society and the other half of the proceeds are going to the childrens relief nursery!

children and pets need the most support out of anyone, they have no voice of their own and dont understand and know the world the way that adults do.  If we arent there to help and support them then they have nowhere to turn to.

You guys all know Adam Colton from Loaded, Orangatang, Paris, and Longboard Larry.  Adam is a pretty damn smart guy and he has a big heart.  He agreed to give us a hand in earning some more money for charity by doing a sketch on one of the calendars and signing it.  He thought it would only earn about $5.00… cause he is modest and humble… LETS PROVE HIM WRONG! START BIDDING GUYS! GET YOUR PARENTS BIDDING and GET YOUR FRIENDS BIDDING!


Help make a difference guys!  Its not everyday that you get a chance to do something as cool yet simple as this!!!

Daddies Board Shop

Photo website is up!!!

Hey everyone!

I got a photo website up for everyone to check out!  I take a LOT of photos so who knows, maybe you will pop up there!!!

 Check it out guys! http://www.spencermorganphoto.com

There are some familiar faces in the homepage! 

And multiple galleries to check out!

Rocky Bomber in action!

SOOOO FINALLY Alex And Robin are back in town and were able to do 30 minute ultra quick photoshoot for the new rocky bomber. Expect more in the future! We had a 30 minute period to work with today and got a couple good ones! Check the Eastside Longboards Rocky Bomber out online here!