New Arbor Boards: It’s not the Vugenhausen…

Check out the Arbor Prodigy! I jacked this pic from James Kelly's facebook.

I don’t know how many of you guys warmed up to Arbor since they up’ed their downhill and freeride program but first thing I did was set up a Vugenhausen and go shreddin’ with it.  Obviously you can see that this new micro-dropped deck, called The Prodigy, has some striking resemblances with the Vugenhausen.  Also check out those pockets in the concave!  Very sharp angles and man do they look amazing!  They will no doubt be great for getting leverage in slides and cornering.

Heres what we know about The Prodigy so far. Get ready to get stoked!

  • It has 7 wooden plys and 4 fiberglass plys.
  • It is 38 inches long and 9.85 inches wide with a 30 inch wheelbase.

With the team that Arbor has (James Kelly, Kody Noble, Jimmy Riha) I personally find it kind of hard to hate on them.  I was mind blown the first time I rode the Vugenhausen and to this day it is still a happy family member in my quiver.  Also, I am not sure but that also looks like a new graphic for The Assault!  Get your cruise and carve on!

Landyachtz Bamboo Wedge Flex Longboard – IN STOCK

We took the popular Wedgeflex board and made a bamboo version for another customer option. Besides looking amazing, the bamboo also gives the board a different feeling in the flexibility of the board.

Made in Canada
Length 40″
Width 10″
Wheelbase 30.5″
Clear Griptape Applied By Landyachtz

Recommended Components:
Paris or Randal 180mm Trucks
Abec 11 Flashbacks 70mm 78a
DBS Abec 7 Bearings
Khiro Assembly Hardware

Landyachtz Dually Longboard Skateboard – IN STOCK

Landyachtz Dually Longboard Skateboard
Landyachtz Dually Complete Longboard Skateboard

Symmetry is beautiful, especially when it’s extra long. The largest Effective Foot Platform (EFP) we have available. The Gnar Bars give better board feel and more control. The long wheelbase increases stability yet makes it easy to throw sideways when needed. The 1.75″ dropped platform improves drift and slide ability. All of these traits effectively make the Dually a must for any quiver.

Length 44”
Width 9.75”
WB 35.25”
Maple Construction
High Concave
No Flex
Black Grip Applied By Landyachtz