It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s a Jet!

Posted By: Pete Benda

Jet Skateboards

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s a Jet! Jet boards that is. We got a whole new line of Jet boards at the shop! We’re gonna keep this short and sweet and to the point because we gotta get out of this office and go shred them.

We have five brand new Jet boards this year: The Jet Kool Kick, Jet Baked Potato, Jet Tomahawk, Jet Vulcan Rocker, and Jet Tomahawk Rocker. These boards are designed for going FAST! They all feature torsional stiffness and that, ladies and gentleman, helps prevent speed wobbles. Because they’re Jet boards, you know you have something that is extremely durable to last a very long time.

The question is, what should we ride? Maybe we want a little bit of extra concave and that locked-in feeling for freeriding, which means we’ll want some dropped platforms. That’ll mean we want the Baked Potato. What about single kicks? Then we’ll grab the Kool Kick! Yeah that’s the one! Oh but wait… What if we want to go fast and race today? Maybe the Tomahawk? Yeah the Jet Tomahawk and its top mounted goodness are so stable and so responsive and grippy. But maybe we want a little cradling because we miss our mom… That means we want Vulcan Rocker or the Tomahawk Rocker! That ‘oh so sweet’ foot cradling. Jet has so many options it makes our lives so hard… There’s only one option. We’re gonna ride them all!

New Arbor Boards: It’s not the Vugenhausen…

Check out the Arbor Prodigy! I jacked this pic from James Kelly's facebook.

I don’t know how many of you guys warmed up to Arbor since they up’ed their downhill and freeride program but first thing I did was set up a Vugenhausen and go shreddin’ with it.  Obviously you can see that this new micro-dropped deck, called The Prodigy, has some striking resemblances with the Vugenhausen.  Also check out those pockets in the concave!  Very sharp angles and man do they look amazing!  They will no doubt be great for getting leverage in slides and cornering.

Heres what we know about The Prodigy so far. Get ready to get stoked!

  • It has 7 wooden plys and 4 fiberglass plys.
  • It is 38 inches long and 9.85 inches wide with a 30 inch wheelbase.

With the team that Arbor has (James Kelly, Kody Noble, Jimmy Riha) I personally find it kind of hard to hate on them.  I was mind blown the first time I rode the Vugenhausen and to this day it is still a happy family member in my quiver.  Also, I am not sure but that also looks like a new graphic for The Assault!  Get your cruise and carve on!

This is what we are up to!

As some of you may know… Portland, and the Northwest in general is notorious for having terrible weather and its about that time of year again when it just starts dumping rain!  Magically, however, we had one day of blue bird skies… so Alex Tongue, Robin McGuirk, and myself went out to get some photos and take advantage of this gift from the Heavens.  Peep the shots.  

Alex Tongue at Switchbacks with Robin McGuirk close behind

Robin McGuirk with Alex trailing

Mid-Run Bro down

Robin McGuirk taking a gnarly corner from a gnarly hill

Alex taking that same gnarly corner

Robin McGuirk

PDX from our spot
This is just random Happy valley stuff… 

Alex Tongue Driveway slash

Robin McGuirk Driveway slash

Boneless into sheisty, slippery, mossy bank.

Sure enough, the rain picked back up where it left off… so I hit up my buddy Zach Boston out in Gresham to check out a garage he knows.  It was kind of wet so we ended up seshing the most dry spot. I saw a million and ten people walking through but not one person got mad and told us to take off.  It was actually pretty sick.  Mellow and chill and we got to do whatever we wanted.  I would like to skate the whole thing when its dry.  Here are some shots!

Zach Boston


Zach Boston

Zach Boston… I was screwing around with my flashes for fun lol

Zach Boston


Zach Boston

Zach Boston


What? We Skate? YES WE DO!

So… over the years there has been rumors around that we dont skate or blah blah blah… and it actually baffles me someone thought that rumor up… and also that people would believe that.  I think what happened is that we were too busy out doing stuff on our boards, in new places, and trying new things that… we just didnt really get caught up in any of it.  BUT I have been collecting photos of our staff here… and guess what they are doing??? WHOA! they are skateboarding… and… shredding all types of stuff.  Like… everything!

Im going to get more pics later out on Dans Mini ramp too!  Turns out Dan kills mini ramps and also has no problem going as fast as possible down hills.  More pics are coming soon!!!!  And wait til snow season… the pictures are going to be EPIC! lol

Heres a clip of some of the shots on a facebook page we got up now!  Give it a look, there is plenty of stuff in here to stoke you out!


Here is a photo from the adrenalina TX race!  Team Rider Robin McGuirk got 5th place! Woo hoooooo go robin and way to rep like a boss!!! Check all the results here!

Team rider Robin McGuirk has been killing the push races this year…. Can he be stopped?  Here he at the broadway bomb where he placed 3rd!

RObin McGuirk with the other winners!! Glad to see someone NOT form New York in the Top 3!

BALLING OUT OF CONTROL!  Notice robin is throwing up the shocker.

Robin getting interviewed by Push Culture news!  keepin it real!

Team Rider Robin McGuirk breaks ground on New York placing 3rd twice this year!The Adrenalina Marathon and The Broadway Bomb!

With an estimated 1000 riders this year, he is now the only West Coast rider to podium at the Bomb 
and place in the top ranks three years in a row (2009 – 5th, 2010 – 7th, 2011 – 3rd).

Signed Adam Colton Charity Calendar

Howdy Ho mates,

As you all may know here at daddies we made the Pups of Longboarding calendar last year and all the proceeds went to the oregon human society.  Well this year we made volume 2! Half of the proceeds go to the oregon humane society and the other half of the proceeds are going to the childrens relief nursery!

children and pets need the most support out of anyone, they have no voice of their own and dont understand and know the world the way that adults do.  If we arent there to help and support them then they have nowhere to turn to.

You guys all know Adam Colton from Loaded, Orangatang, Paris, and Longboard Larry.  Adam is a pretty damn smart guy and he has a big heart.  He agreed to give us a hand in earning some more money for charity by doing a sketch on one of the calendars and signing it.  He thought it would only earn about $5.00… cause he is modest and humble… LETS PROVE HIM WRONG! START BIDDING GUYS! GET YOUR PARENTS BIDDING and GET YOUR FRIENDS BIDDING!

Help make a difference guys!  Its not everyday that you get a chance to do something as cool yet simple as this!!!

Daddies Board Shop

Skatie Katie shreddin and shralpin

As it turns out, Katie Neilson is quite possibly the coolest chick in the world.  Lets examine the situation going on here.

You all have heard of Robin Hood right?  Katie kind of does the same stuff he did, but up in Kanad-E-Uh or however that country’s name is spelled.  Kyle Martin is behind her, he is like Katie’s Little John, YEEEAAAAH.  In her home country Katie steals from the rich and gives to the poor, much like Robin Hood.  But in a country that hasnt quite discovered cars yet, a good getaway is often rather difficult.  I think this is the main reason why longboards are so popular up in Kanad-E-Uh.  It could be due to all the sick hills there but that just doesnt make as much sense to me.

In this photo, as Katie describes, she robbed some movie star, slapped her in the face, ate a burrito, and then hit up a snake run as her and Kyle’s getaway route.  (BY THE WAY KATIE, next time i am up there I want to go to this run- BAD!)  Halfway down the run there was a donkey in the way… an effin donkey.  Which is the most common type of transport in Kanad-E-Uh but still… a donkey on a snake run… not kosher. Did the number one womens skater in the world let that stop her?  Hells no. She handled it like the number one skater in the world… cause, she may as well be the best downhill skater in the world.  Our sources confirm that when Skatie Katie was in close enough proximity to the Donkey she straight up pulled a coleman and with her spare hand she threw a fireball at the donkey.  Of course the donkey died and now she is facing animal abuse charges but none the less she hooked some broke dudes up with a rich movie stars money.  She helped a lost soul out there… and we love Katie for that.   If she ever needs to find refuge here in the states we will be glad to help her.  That is… if america isnt Mexi-China by then.

Katie, your bravery is noted and if I were the Queen of England, I would Knight you.

A session with Alex Tongue

So Alex Tongue grew up in Happy Valley, aka… the gnarly hill area of Portland… I pretty much blew it at all the spots he took me to.  Granted I really am better at photos than I am at crazy skinny steep pathways that are all crazy types of concrete or concrete that switches halfway down.  But Alex being Alex, he had no problem tearing these little spots up.  Check out the pics!
Stalefish slide

Stalefish slide


Toeside one hand

over the hill

heading back

shortcuts rock

A dirty little stand up