Omen Longboards are Now at Daddies!

Omen LongboardsDaddies Board Shop has a new addition to the family. And one from the Pacific Northwest as well. We’d like to welcome Omen Longboards to the DBS family. We have several Pacific Northwest companies but we know that there is always room for more. Omen Longboards has one of the most well rounded series out there. It starts out with their double kick series. The Trud Series comes in three different sizes: The Trud Mini, the Trud Skinny, and the Trud Fatty. The Truds give you the freedom to skate anything from mini ramp boards to parks, to tech sliding to freeriding and city cruising. Then next in the lineup comes the Omen Sugar. The Sugar is the most versatile freeride downhill board out there. It’s perfect size for either fast freeriding, or slow freeriding with some awesome city slashing. It all just depends on how you setup your wheelbase. With a sweet 5-inch kicktail and wheel well flares with rocker, it’s perfect and comfortable for whatever you want to ride. But Omen even gives you a mini version of that. The Mini Sugar is the rad setup for slow freeriding as well as city slashing and destroying. But don’t let the word mini scare you, because the Mini Sugar can still handle the mild hills you try and want to throw at it. But of course no lineup is complete without the ultimate downhill board and setup. That is why Omen throws the Spawn at you. Yes the classic top mount directional setup with a comfortable W concave in it as well. But not only is there the W concave but the bubble drop platform turns it into the T bar concave so that you are locked in at all times. It’s definitely all about going fast and beating your friends down the hill with the Spawn. So whether it’s a freeride, downhill, or cruiser you’re looking for, you can find exactly the style of board you want to ride in the awesome Omen Lineup. Give this amazing Pacific Northwest company a try and check them out. You’ll be happy with any board that you get from them.