It’s Rayning New Boards

Posted By: Pete Benda

Rayne Summer 2014 Longboards

It’s 2014 and you’re still riding that water-logged, warped, and delaminated deck you got for your birthday 3 years ago. What’s the point? It’s about time you upgraded to the best of the best, and there’s absolutely no better time than now. That’s because Rayne just released 5 new boards for the Summer 2014 season! They’re ready for any kind of riding so you really don’t have an excuse not to ride a Rayne board.

First is the all new Rayne Misfortune, pairing up perfectly with the Rayne Fortune V2. They both feature fat bottom construction, making your ride both light and speed stiff, and they both feature 4D wheel well cups to let you run larger wheels while having looser trucks. Being designed by world champion racer Patrick Switzer, you know this board is sure to handle any speeds you may throw at it. And it comes in ‘his and hers’ sizes so you and your lady friend can each get a longboard of your own. A girl who skates, that’s the dream!

Next up, we have the new Rayne Otherside and the Rayne Brightside. These boards are the big and little brother of the extremely popular Rayne Darkside. These single kick downhill freeride boards feature radial dropped platforms and 3 stage rocker, giving you the perfect stance for freeriding. Taking your freeriding to the next level is extremely easy when fitting your feet into the pockets of this concave. With 3 sizes, you’re sure to find the one that’s perfect for you – the perfect board for the whole family.

And lastly, we have the all new Rayne G-Mack Pro Model, designed by pro rider George Mackenzie. He is a master of riding switch, so this board fits his style for just that. Riding regular or goofy, this board has no front or back, no nose or tail. It’s all the same, all the way around. So it’s perfect for freeriding. George has even won a few slide comps switch! How crazy is that? But if you’re feelin’ extra ballsy, you can take it to George’s level and downhill switch. That’s right, hitting maximum speed and pre drifting, all in switch. It’s time you upgraded your ride to one of the new Rayne boards for 2014. And if you think it doesn’t fit your style of riding, then your style of riding is wrong. Get the need for speed and ride one of the best boards out there.

Rayne 2014 Longboards

Posted By: Pete Benda

Rayne 2014 Longboards

Oh man, Rayne is killing it super hard this year. And they’re especially looking out for you grom shredders out there! This year they took some of their most popular boards and made mini versions of them for all you little guys.

The first is the Rayne Terror. This is the shorter baby brother of the Rayne Rival and the Rayne Supreme. It has all the same features you have loved in these boards as well. The 5/8 radial drop platform with the 3 stage rocker to ensure you’re locked in at all times. Then there’s the nose and tail that adds as perfect little kicks to make sure you are shredding and freestyling harder than ever.

Next in the grom addiction addition is the Rayne Reaper. This is the shorter version of the Rayne Nemesis. This is perfect for all of you freeriding and downhilling little devils out there who are looking for maximum speed. The dropped platform is shorter, making it perfect for anyone with a shorter stance who is looking to get into a tighter speed tuck, making it perfect for those who have the ready and willing need for speed.

All of these boards have brand new graphics and sick setups making them feel fresh out of the mold for 2014. Rayne Longboards, of course, are always made with a bamboo and laminated fiberglass design making sure you get the most durable boards on the market while still being extremely light. They are all speed stiff in design, letting you know that you are ready for going as fast as possible. But if downhilling isn’t your fancy, Rayne has the all new revamped slide series that is perfect for pools and parks and everything you may want to throw at it. Ready to do it all is the all new Rayne lineup for 2014.

Endless Roads Episode 1: Yellow Horizons

Endless Roads 1 – Yellow Horizons from Juan Rayos on Vimeo.

The first in what is now a series of 3 videos featuring the Longboard Girls Crew and Daddies Board Shop team riders Mariza Nuñez and Amanda Powell in an epic road trip through Spain.

Heres a little review for you guys!

So what is it about this board that makes it so good?  If you said “everything,” then right you are!  Heres one thing I love that Rayne did with this board.  They took the pintail shape and made it one of the best boards out there.  I dont know about you guys but I really dont see too many folks out there doing serious DH on pintails, unless of course they are on the Rayne Avenger.  Enough of why I think this board scores brownie points, lets talk tech.

Concave.  That word sums this board up pretty well.  I know the same technology and techniques are applied to other boards but the way the concave works on this deck is mind-bottlingly amazing as Chazz Michael Michaels would say.  Your front foot stands on a very large flat platform.  It gives you tons of room to move around as needed and situate your feet according to your personal riding style.  You know how with some other boards the drop interferes or the W concave comes up just a little too far?  Well you wont experience that problem on this gift from the heavens.  I feel like I want to start calling everyone at Rayne… “Rayne-Gers.” Corny but I love corny shizz.

Anywho, now lets talk about that “pleasure dome,” which to those who do not know, is Rayne’s W-Concave found on many of their decks.  The spacing it has is flawless… I want to say they did some creepy feet testing and found the perfect size, I dont know how they did it but I have asked so many people to check out the avenger under their feet and see how it feels. 11 times out of 10 they say, “Its so comfortable.” haha.  But its the truth, the pleasure dome is sure to get your jollies off!

As far as wheelbase goes heres what you can do.  28.25, 29, 29.25, and 30 inches.  All you really need to know is 30 inches cause thats the money wheelbase right there!!!  I cant speak for everyone cause every individual is going to have a different preference but Hot Jeezy the 30 inch is perfection.

Board construction is well, its Rayne, and how can you hate on Rayne.  The Rayne-gers at Rayne arent nerds but describing them as nerds is a good way to explain why their boards are so good.  Its basically some of the brightest dudes out there that just love to skate. So they use all their superhuman brainpower to make the best boards they can.  If they were any type of nerd, they would be skate nerds and is that really a bad thing to be?  Not in my opinion.

Alex Tongue Winning the Cathlamet Downhill Corral on the Avenger 
The Avenger in the first place podium spot!!!

If you want to go fast, and im talking Ricky Bobby fast, and you want to have control then you have got to try the Rayne Avenger.  I feel like people have been forgetting about it lately and it is definitely a board that needs to remain in the circuit.  Besides at the end of the day you can hang it on your wall with its built in tail-hole-thingy.

If I were to set this board up without breaking the bank I would put Caliber 44 degree trucks on it, Rayne 1/4th flat Next Level risers, vicious griptape, bones super reds bearings, and 78a 72mm Venom Cannibal wheels.  Now that would be a fun speed setup that would be rad for freeriding once the wheels broke in!