The 2014 Sector 9 Mini Shaka

Posted By: Pete Benda

Sector 9 Mini Shaka

The 2014 Sector 9 Mini Shaka is a rad do it all board for any level of riding. From the beginner to the advanced, the Sector 9 Mini Shaka is designed to do it all. This board features a micro drop symmetrical standing foot platform, making this a freeriding dream. The micro drops creates a perfect pocket to lock your feet into. When looking to shove out 30 foot toeside checks, you’re sure to stay locked and loaded into this ride. The drops also fit a speed tuck perfectly. So if you’re ready to get in gear and charge your local runs with nothing but speed in mind, the Mini Shaka will be perfect for you. The dropped platform not only lowers you to the ground, making you more stable, but also makes pushing around town much easier. It’s designed for all skill levels out there. Equipped with asymmetrical nose and tail, this board is freeride and freestyle capable while also keeping you locked for going downhill, taking the fastest lines possible. Equipped for all styles of riding is the all new 2014 Sector 9 Mini Shaka.

Scoot’s New Board: The Sector 9 Tiffany!

Scoot Smith and The Sector 9 Tiffany

Finally, we have a good finished product shot of the new Sector 9 Tiffany, Scott “Scoot” Smith’s new pro-model longboard!  And look at that puppy, it is gorgeous.  It is pretty amazing to see a Downhill Division Deck with some green flavor to it!  This here is an interesting deck and I think that other companies out there are going to take bits and pieces of it in the future and apply them to their future models.

Lets look at the specs!

I think the most noticeable feature is the nose!  It isn’t a wedged nose, its a dropped nose! I think that after years of riding the Landyachtz Evo Scoot wanted something that felt somewhat similar when he switched over to Sector 9.  After speaking with him at Maryhill this is what Scoot told me about his new board and the function he wanted it to have.

Daddies Board Shop Team Riders Scoot Smith and Robin McGuirk at Maryhill Festival of Speed!

Scoot said that he wanted to have the nose dropped a bit because it makes the board a bit more divey in the front. Obviously that would be great for diving into turns and for initiating slides.  And you get the best of both worlds because it is not going to be offsetting the angle of the kingpin much, if at all!  Imagine it this way, amazing control up front that mellows out in the back so that you can follow through in turns with no sacrifice in stability. A lot of boards have the ability to do this but I think the Tiffany is going to set a new standard in design.

Next, you can see in the picture above by the way the light reflects off of bottom of the board, there is a hefty amount of W-concave thrown into the Sector 9 Tiffany!  Essentially Scoot and Sector 9 have created one innovative downhill machine. AND to boot it has some burly wheel wells so say “bye-bye” to wheel bite with this guy!  Unless you run some Gullwing Sidewinders with 107mm Abec 11 Electric Flywheels… but that would be pretty stupid and I highly doubt anyone is going to do that, but props if you can pull it off.  Check out this video!

As you can see, this thing is basically perfection!  Plus it has that little swallow-tail thing going on and ever since the Comet Grease Shark came out the swallow-tail steez has been KILLING IT! Looks so sick.  This board paired up with Scoot’s flawless style is going to provide for some great racing and some series eye candy video content!  I can’t wait to see how Scoot man-handles TIFFANY!

Scoot Smith stopping by Daddies Board Shop! - Photo: Spencer Morgan

This is what we are up to!

As some of you may know… Portland, and the Northwest in general is notorious for having terrible weather and its about that time of year again when it just starts dumping rain!  Magically, however, we had one day of blue bird skies… so Alex Tongue, Robin McGuirk, and myself went out to get some photos and take advantage of this gift from the Heavens.  Peep the shots.  

Alex Tongue at Switchbacks with Robin McGuirk close behind

Robin McGuirk with Alex trailing

Mid-Run Bro down

Robin McGuirk taking a gnarly corner from a gnarly hill

Alex taking that same gnarly corner

Robin McGuirk

PDX from our spot
This is just random Happy valley stuff… 

Alex Tongue Driveway slash

Robin McGuirk Driveway slash

Boneless into sheisty, slippery, mossy bank.

Sure enough, the rain picked back up where it left off… so I hit up my buddy Zach Boston out in Gresham to check out a garage he knows.  It was kind of wet so we ended up seshing the most dry spot. I saw a million and ten people walking through but not one person got mad and told us to take off.  It was actually pretty sick.  Mellow and chill and we got to do whatever we wanted.  I would like to skate the whole thing when its dry.  Here are some shots!

Zach Boston


Zach Boston

Zach Boston… I was screwing around with my flashes for fun lol

Zach Boston


Zach Boston

Zach Boston


The Rocky Bomber

 Okay So I have been wanting to go out with Robin and get some pics of the New Rocky Bomber because its awesome but he has been too busy slaying races and whatnot so I just decided to do something cool for it all by my lonesome.  SO I went to this steep lil bank that I street skate here and there that is by my house and thought I would just slide across it!  Cool thing is, I got my back trucks up to that lil curb up there a few times and did like a little pseudo-smith grind/slide… but I have no idea how I would land it without being able to pop out.  Oh well, I am stoked on how it turned out!

I like how you can see those little rocks flying up in the original shot.  Just up and to the right of my back truck (Im goofy). 
Oh yeah… damn right im reppin Michael Jordan.  This jersey was like $300 bucks, but screw it, Ive already ruined it and besides… it was a gift, and the least hot thing in my closet… its been toasty lately here in the Pacific Northwest!
Peep the higher quality shot!


So many of you are familiar with our team… but are you familiar with our secret project? Of course not! Cause its a secret right now! Doing a lot of development though and pretty soon (hopefully) you guys will start seeing some more fun stuff. 
Right now we are doing a sneak peek of Bizarro James Kelly.  If you arent familiar with DC comics then it doesnt make sense but basically there is Superman, and then there is Bizarro Superman as you can see below.
So we went to his home planet and found Bizarro James Kelly.  You guys know the real James rides for motion but we got the pudgier and much more strange version for our secret project!  BUT he rides the Arbor Vugenhausen, he’s got some abec 11 freerides, got some oakley’s and vans… you would think they were the same person! 
So here is a few shots and you better believe there will be some videos coming up soon!  The next leak on our secret team is… The return of Silas Morgan! Stay posted!

Bizarro James Kelly… like bizarro superman

Bizarro James Kelly

Bizarro James Kelly

Bizarro James Kelly
Bizarro james kelly 

Bizarro James Kelly

Our Moto:

Touch Some Puck.
Burn Some Thane.
Shred The Dream.




Maryhill 2011 – official video from Yvon Labarthe on Vimeo.

AS you can see Skatie Katie is bum rushing everything world cup wise.  She is crushing all the races and reppin the shizz out of daddies board shop! Could we be more stoked… NOPE! SHE IS THE BEST!

TEAM RIDER: Robin McGuirk!

Here is Robin who was just out at the Mt. Tabor Downhill race.  He took first in slalom and 6th in downhill!  The Adrenalina Push Race is next on his list of what to dominate!  Go ROBIN!  We are rooting for you?

Daddies at Maryhill! The race from our eyes!

Mischo Erban and Katie Neilson!

Rebekka Gemperle and Andrew Chapman (theyd be a good couple!)

Andrew Chapman, Zak Maytum, James kelly

International Buddies!

Rebekka Gemperle & Ramon Konigshausen

Katie Neilson and the Legendary Chris Chaput

Kody Noble (all around slayer)

Rayne Mastermind and board master Graham Buksa (NOT BUSKA!)

Ben Driving the whip up

Wolfgang Coleman and Max Wipperman – Pregame bro-down

Maryhill Treats! Cowpies!

Max Standing out! Juniors II 1st place

The kick it zone


Sir Robin McGuirk

Rebekka Gemperle

Thumbs Up Brah

Katie Neilson!

Rippin and Dippin

Howdy Neighbor

The Flock

Oh what up scoot!

kill it dudes!

Martin Siegrist leading the crew

James Kelly, way ahead!

Andrew Chapman – The most gangster thug in my opinion

Zen Shikaze! Im a fan of this dude too!

Katie Neilson cannot be stopped!


lots of wheels!

Martin getting ready to push Zen off in the final turn!

Zen… definitely bummed about what happened

Kyle Chin

No Idea who this is but she was a racer

Portland Homies at the race!