New Fun Product For Y’all!

Surf Rodz IndeeSz!  You know you love a good precision truck, especially when its affordable and isnt RPK!  The IndeeSz are sick and are a very good all around truck.  Surf Rodz is known for having legit product that is fun and interchangeable!  We are super stoked to have these trucks in!  We have the 177mm.   
These trucks are going to perform the best while freeriding.  They have a super smooth and stable turn and lean.  Of course you could throw some double barrels in these guys and set them up for downhill but I think most everyone will get the most pleasure out of utilizing their turn!  Check them out online and then pick a set up!

The Gullwing Charger II’s!!  The Charger 1’s are a great truck in their own regard BUT the Charger II’s are going to put Gullwing back on the map for speed boarding and freeriding.  I took these out right when we got them to see how they ride… my only qualm was the bushings.  BUT I will tell you more about them in a minute.  What I did was replace the bushings to get the desired lean that i personally like… The only reason I personally dont like them is because I am a tall dude and weigh like 215lbs.  The bushings are actually of great quality!  I ended up putting them in some paris trucks that i have on chopped voodoo original with a sicktail on it. (AWESOME SETUP BY THE WAY).  
I am really pleased with the Charger II’s… and i think tons of other people will as well!  I know Louis Pilloni digs them!  

Oh WHAAA????  Halsey Apparel is in too!  The first clothing company for longboarding!  Sport your colors and let everyone know… “Its not wrong to be long.”

Mini Cruiser Love

Whoa bros… sorry for neglecting the updates the past few days.

But we’ve got some treats for you.  First off here is a link to a Landyachtz Loco update video sent to me by the wonderful Katie Neilson! Those LY cats are a whacky bunch.  And they drink beer… thats my kinda crew.  Looks like they are California Bound!  Breakdown predictions anyone?  lol

Heres some photos I got before the rain came of my buddy ripping around on a little Zip Zinger.  The other deck is the board I made a while back with some Abec 11 Retro Bertz on it!  Those things are siiiiiick.

Robert Parrish – Cruiser Wallrides

Robert Parrish – Cruiser Ollie into bank

Robert Parrish – Boneless into bank

Robert Parrish – Peepin Robert Parrish

Skatie Katie shreddin and shralpin

As it turns out, Katie Neilson is quite possibly the coolest chick in the world.  Lets examine the situation going on here.

You all have heard of Robin Hood right?  Katie kind of does the same stuff he did, but up in Kanad-E-Uh or however that country’s name is spelled.  Kyle Martin is behind her, he is like Katie’s Little John, YEEEAAAAH.  In her home country Katie steals from the rich and gives to the poor, much like Robin Hood.  But in a country that hasnt quite discovered cars yet, a good getaway is often rather difficult.  I think this is the main reason why longboards are so popular up in Kanad-E-Uh.  It could be due to all the sick hills there but that just doesnt make as much sense to me.

In this photo, as Katie describes, she robbed some movie star, slapped her in the face, ate a burrito, and then hit up a snake run as her and Kyle’s getaway route.  (BY THE WAY KATIE, next time i am up there I want to go to this run- BAD!)  Halfway down the run there was a donkey in the way… an effin donkey.  Which is the most common type of transport in Kanad-E-Uh but still… a donkey on a snake run… not kosher. Did the number one womens skater in the world let that stop her?  Hells no. She handled it like the number one skater in the world… cause, she may as well be the best downhill skater in the world.  Our sources confirm that when Skatie Katie was in close enough proximity to the Donkey she straight up pulled a coleman and with her spare hand she threw a fireball at the donkey.  Of course the donkey died and now she is facing animal abuse charges but none the less she hooked some broke dudes up with a rich movie stars money.  She helped a lost soul out there… and we love Katie for that.   If she ever needs to find refuge here in the states we will be glad to help her.  That is… if america isnt Mexi-China by then.

Katie, your bravery is noted and if I were the Queen of England, I would Knight you.

Hood River/Bingen/The Dalles Skatepark trip!

Hood River Mini Shred With Colton Carnahan and the Pal Corral from Daddies Board Shop on Vimeo.

Here is a little video of us all burnt out on the last day of our trip! we had skated parks from basically early in the morning until late at night for 3 days and by this time we were exhausted! We posted up on the smallest feature at the hood river park and got some tricks in. Mainly colton slayed it and did a million and ten tricks on it that have probably never been done. It was a blast and a good way to end our trip.

We will have pictures of soon of everything that went down! Including us tossing out free product at the new Dalles oregon skatepark. props to everyone who came out and skated… it was a blast!