This is what we are up to!

As some of you may know… Portland, and the Northwest in general is notorious for having terrible weather and its about that time of year again when it just starts dumping rain!  Magically, however, we had one day of blue bird skies… so Alex Tongue, Robin McGuirk, and myself went out to get some photos and take advantage of this gift from the Heavens.  Peep the shots.  

Alex Tongue at Switchbacks with Robin McGuirk close behind

Robin McGuirk with Alex trailing

Mid-Run Bro down

Robin McGuirk taking a gnarly corner from a gnarly hill

Alex taking that same gnarly corner

Robin McGuirk

PDX from our spot
This is just random Happy valley stuff… 

Alex Tongue Driveway slash

Robin McGuirk Driveway slash

Boneless into sheisty, slippery, mossy bank.

Sure enough, the rain picked back up where it left off… so I hit up my buddy Zach Boston out in Gresham to check out a garage he knows.  It was kind of wet so we ended up seshing the most dry spot. I saw a million and ten people walking through but not one person got mad and told us to take off.  It was actually pretty sick.  Mellow and chill and we got to do whatever we wanted.  I would like to skate the whole thing when its dry.  Here are some shots!

Zach Boston


Zach Boston

Zach Boston… I was screwing around with my flashes for fun lol

Zach Boston


Zach Boston

Zach Boston


New Fun Product For Y’all!

Surf Rodz IndeeSz!  You know you love a good precision truck, especially when its affordable and isnt RPK!  The IndeeSz are sick and are a very good all around truck.  Surf Rodz is known for having legit product that is fun and interchangeable!  We are super stoked to have these trucks in!  We have the 177mm.   
These trucks are going to perform the best while freeriding.  They have a super smooth and stable turn and lean.  Of course you could throw some double barrels in these guys and set them up for downhill but I think most everyone will get the most pleasure out of utilizing their turn!  Check them out online and then pick a set up!

The Gullwing Charger II’s!!  The Charger 1’s are a great truck in their own regard BUT the Charger II’s are going to put Gullwing back on the map for speed boarding and freeriding.  I took these out right when we got them to see how they ride… my only qualm was the bushings.  BUT I will tell you more about them in a minute.  What I did was replace the bushings to get the desired lean that i personally like… The only reason I personally dont like them is because I am a tall dude and weigh like 215lbs.  The bushings are actually of great quality!  I ended up putting them in some paris trucks that i have on chopped voodoo original with a sicktail on it. (AWESOME SETUP BY THE WAY).  
I am really pleased with the Charger II’s… and i think tons of other people will as well!  I know Louis Pilloni digs them!  

Oh WHAAA????  Halsey Apparel is in too!  The first clothing company for longboarding!  Sport your colors and let everyone know… “Its not wrong to be long.”

Photo website is up!!!

Hey everyone!

I got a photo website up for everyone to check out!  I take a LOT of photos so who knows, maybe you will pop up there!!!

 Check it out guys!

There are some familiar faces in the homepage! 

And multiple galleries to check out!




Maryhill 2011 – official video from Yvon Labarthe on Vimeo.

AS you can see Skatie Katie is bum rushing everything world cup wise.  She is crushing all the races and reppin the shizz out of daddies board shop! Could we be more stoked… NOPE! SHE IS THE BEST!

TEAM RIDER: Robin McGuirk!

Here is Robin who was just out at the Mt. Tabor Downhill race.  He took first in slalom and 6th in downhill!  The Adrenalina Push Race is next on his list of what to dominate!  Go ROBIN!  We are rooting for you?

Daddies Blowin up the scene in the gorge!

Colton Carnahan – Back Smith

Colton Carnahan – Blunt Fakie

Colton Carnahan and Dylan Blakesley – Monkey Business

Dylan Blakesley – FS disaster

Joe Kiser – FS Tailblock

Joe Kiser – FS air

Joe Kiser – FS rock

So Me (spencer) and Mikey from here at Daddies rolled out to some of the parks along the columbia gorge and got ton of footage and pictures!  Right before we left we found out that there was a new park opening up in the dalles, oregon so we grabbed a bunch of product and went out to hook kids up! There was a contest too so we all entered and our buddy colton carnahan got 3rd (without trying at all!).  We rolled out with about 12 dudes all together and camped for 3 days in the hills above white salmon, washington. Had tons of beverages, guitars, bongos, campfires, and a good time!  We were promoting Oh My Skateboards along the way. It is a board company that Mikey started up and I help out with a bunch of the photo stuff.  So we ended up with 15 daddies decks to give away, 10 sets of bearings to give away, and a bunch of Oh My boards, shirts, and shades to sell!  The hood river park was amazing as always, the bingen park was a blast until high cascade showed up and blew the sesh, and the dalles park was amazing! Soooo many good parks out there! Dont forget Lyle, WA park! Heres some pics of us tossing out product and some of us skating too!

Grip it and Dip!

Another satisfied homie!

Spreading the stoke
Tyler Koehler – Boost off and over rock

Kenneth Takuya Pickett

The Gorgeous Gorge

Tents are pitched!

Mikey Duran – Works at daddies

Mikey Duran and Colton Carnahan

No Skate trip is complete without a booty shot

Mikey Duran during the comp

Kyle during the comp – Back lip

Tyler Koehler during the comp – Kickflip fakie over hip

Dylan Blakesley During Comp – FS 5-0 nosegrab

Joe Kiser – Hood River Park FS smith

Dylan Blakesley – Back Smith

Joe Kiser – FS smith

Colton Carnahan – 360 Fakie

Joe Kiser – Tail Block

Joe Kiser – FS layback

Kyle – Crooked

Tyler Koehler – Back Feeble

Tyler Koehler – Ollie Over rail

Colton and Dylan dorkin around, nose pick in (landed!)

Joe Kiser

Kenneth takuya Pickett

Dylan Blakesley – FS 5-0 into lower tranny