Season Closing in Byelorussia!

Here is a write up of the event by Alexey Romanov! Our Russian Secret Operative!

We spent the last weekend of September on the legendary loop race track in Raubichi near Minsk, Belarus. This route is famous for its sharp slopes and turns and aggressive narrow racecourses, along with a hospitable hotel and one of the highest ski ramps in Europe which is traditionally climbed by the whole liquored gang on the first night, getting sobered up in fear underway, just to get drunk again on the top. No victims reported so far.

Old’n’Long Season Closing 2011 took place here, organized by Minsk Skateboarding Club Destroyer ( and by Old’n’Long Minsk Crew. Prizes and awards were sponsored by Daddies Board Shop and SuperApe (

One of the riders from Saint-Pete who came to Raubichi for the first time, managed to crack up on an unexpected slope even before the race began, earning a bed rest vacation witn an open malleolar fracture. Great job, old man! Get well soon! This story sort of justifies the affectionate name we gave to Raubichi – “Raw Bitches”.

After the hero was delivered to the hospital and the rest checked in in the hotel, the contest started, including two traditional award categories – Raw Bitches Massacre for Oldschool Skateboard class and Longboard class, and individual speed races.

A gentle rain began dropping right after the participants had a chance to try the route. A wet surface along with fallen leaves at a speed of 50 km/h made one’s balls tighten like raisins, with the view of an open fracture still fresh and new in one’s memory; however, the contest was successful and great fun. Here are the winners and the runners-up:

Raw Bitches Oldschool Skateboard Massacre:
1. Gleb Bentsiovskiy (Minsk, BYE)
2. Denis Shloydo (Kaliningrad, RUS)

Raw Bitches Longboard Massacre:
1. Grigoriy Buynyi (Saint-Petersburg, RUS)
2. Daniil “Aloha” (Saint-Petersburg, RUS)
3. Timur Velitkovskiy (Minsk, BYE)

Individual speed races:
1. Timur Velitkovskiy (Minsk, BYE)
2. Grigoriy Buynyi (Saint-Petersburg, RUS)
3. Daniil “Aloha” (Saint-Petersburg, RUS)

Distribution of awards was held in Hotel Dinamo; socializing also started there and gradually developed into an outrage on the ski ramp and in hotel rooms. All the leeky store was drunk up in several bars in the neighborhood; some skateboarding and longboarding videos were watched; a fruitless attempt to visit the local history museum was made; a group dance was danced on the top floor of the ski ramp, with the stomping crowd yelling in excitement, “There must be some rotten planks here!” Finally, Daddies Board Shop labels were pasted on virtually any surface within reach, sticking best to TV screens in hotel rooms. In the morning, the most tireless ones were locked in restrooms, and silence rested upon the hotel…

The next morning was devoted to freeride. The Raubichi race track made all its curves show, like a skillful strip dancer. A couple of minor crashes only added fun to the day.

In the afternoon, we went to the regional hospital where the rider from St. Pete was “growing together” after surgery. We stuck some labels onto him, too, and headed for the railway station. According to an ancient Russian tradition, we kissed the organizers goodbye (they were still slightly intoxicated) left for Saint-Pete. Three days later, the injured rider also arrived home, getting about on crutches.

The event organizers including Minsk Skateboarding Club Destroyer ( and Old’n’Long Minsk Crew  are sincerely grateful to Daddies Board Shop and SuperApe ( for their sponsorship, and to all the participants, for being there and for the shredding. Welcome back next year, everyone!

RAD! Rippin and Dippin!

Ninja Steez

Big wheels! MOAR SPEED!

GET a lid on Daniel Craig!!!


Enjoying the scenery!

Ready for offroading

Throw you hands in the air, and wave them like you just dont care

Cruisin for a bruisin

We gotta stress the helmets dudes!

This full face is sick, I think its from Tron.

Mess with the bull, get the horns

Do you like cheese?


board looks small, that makes it gnarlier

Foot brake!

Howdy Lil lady

Protect more than your hands!



HELMETS > Ollies


Freeboard, sweet!

Asphalt, man we love it

Pantera and DBS?  Sick

DOwn to the wire!

Creepin like a ninja!

Dont forget a towel

Even at 1/2000th of a second shutterspeed Alexey wizzes by!

This dude is keepin it safe

Yeah tuckin!

YEA! Kentucky Tucked Dippin


Daddies shwag!

I want that beer that I cant read.

Whoa dude…

Ride on is RIGHT!

i wish I was there, even though I wouldnt understand a thing

Whoa, dude on the right has the ultimate stoke face.

I have a feeling that is alcohol, and I approve! 🙂

Man sized drinks!

Whats up Alexey!

Get some

Stoke faces!!!



After Shred Bro-down

Yo whats crackin G-thang

Mmmm… Beer, i mean trucks

Now he can take a golden shower

So much zing in the atmosphere

What a fun having bunch

Not sure whats happening!

There was a pic like this that also had a butt in it that I would have loved to show, but it also had testicles in it sooo….