It’s All About These Wheels

Posted By: Pete Benda

These Wheels

What wheels are you riding? Are you riding These Wheels? If not, you might need to look at your life; because for some reason, you’ve decided not to ride the best of the best. These Wheels is the newest wheel company to reach the downhill longboarding scene and has already made a name for itself. These Wheels are poured in-house at the SkateOne Factory in Santa Barbara, California which means you’re getting the highest quality American made urethane out there. These started with the initial release of the 717 Freeride Formula in a 70 and 75mm freeride wheel. This wheel dominated the freeride game immediately. The extreme ease of sliding made this wheel perfect for any rider out there. Whether you’re trying to learn your first stand up slide, or if you’re looking to take your stand ups to the 3rd digit, the release point and hook up of this wheel made it super easy to do so. With the release of the 717, we knew that These Wheels was going to be something completely different. After the initial boom of the 717 wheels, These released the all-new 727. They are a grippier version of the 717 formula, for even faster freeriding. These wheels were designed to take the fastest lines, while taking your downhill runs with standup slides. They offered and extremely smooth and predictable ride, but then again, which These Wheels don’t offer that? Of course, These recognized that not everyone could afford the extremely high quality 717 and 727 formula wheels. So they offered a price point wheels in the ATF 317 and ATF 327 formulas. But don’t think for one second that just because these wheels are cheaper, that they don’t offer the same high quality slide and control of their more expensive counterpart. They ATF’s are just designed for more every day riding; still smooth, predictable, and fast. But then we started getting anxious, and These Wheels started tempting us, watching their team riders race around the world on what could only be a square-lipped These Wheels… They teased the market for over a year. With no leaks or hints on what the wheel could be… Was it the 727 formula? What was this new wheel? There were no answers in sight. Finally though, for total domination of the wheel market, These Wheels released their first square lipped downhill wheel, the These Pro K Rimes Stage 1. They feature a 72mm 78a design in the KRF formula. What this means is a perfectly sized wheel to fit on any ride without wheelbite, in a formula that is the grippiest formula out there, but when kicked out into a slide, offer the smoothest slide out there. Could we say that the perfect wheel has been achieved? A wheel that is both grippy and slippery? How can this be? That’s the magic of the KRF formula and the design of the Stage 1’s are perfect. When you shred the wheels past their square lips, they become a centerset freeride wheel. So you get both a downhill and a freeride wheel all in. So if you’re tired of riding the rest, ride the best, with These Wheels.