TBT to #LaLomotaDH

Right now La Lomota DH is the only big race we have in the Dominican Republic, on 2014 we are going to celebrate the second edition of this gnarly race which is held in Navarrete, a small town in the North Coast, my good friend Cesar Pucheu is working hard to make this event a time to remember!

Last year we had more than 40 people racing in the three divisions: Groms, Womens and Open. This is one of the most challenging tracks we have, it has 19 curves and a top speed that reaches around 47 miles per hour.

The date is set and everybody is wondering who is going to be the King of the Hill!

I made a selection of my favorite photos from last year, shot by my homegirls Catherine Goico and Gabriela Sobrino! Peep it, get motivated and COME SKATE WITH US!

Having the road closed made me skate with a lot more confidence than ever before! I had those turns on LOCK!


Here’s my homegirl Cathy Kat who shared podium with me, taking the second place for the ladies! Hell yea girl !

1119845_389664124494819_119736931_oArline Barrot never went so fast before! She was really excited to experience new speeds and to take home the 3rd place!


My brotha from anotha motha Miguel Cabreja knows right! He slashed his Jet Banshee with 50 Degrees Caliber Trucks and some 75mm Lime BigZigs!1119877_10151548696796573_363549991_o

Things got really rowdy with the unexpected rain, but that ain’t stopping us! We have a race!


1146148_389685977825967_385614418_oJomar Guzman is a TOP racer from Puerto Rico, i bet you’ve heard about him before, the guy is FAST! We are happy to receive his support and to have his presence in every race we have in the DR


This year we are also having the campsite ready !1146285_389694164491815_1102444104_o

The ladies came from around the coast to shoot some pics all weekend!1146952_389671941160704_257618914_o


My good friend Jeremy Dils followed me down the hill filming a Raw Run (Raw Diaz on YouTube) the morning before the race started, the road was still open but it was really rad.1147713_389664864494745_816873795_o

Taking those inside lines like it’s my job!


Cesar Pucheu the 2013 King of the Hill going in the front and leading the boys down his local.1150454_389671834494048_1221657994_o

Jamil from Puerto Plata getting low and steezy!1167235_389665011161397_1663867144_o

Juan Carlos getting gnar gnar1172315_10151548670011573_2005184800_o

Jose El Loko from Puerto Rico shredded the hill all weekend like a boss!1172824_389686457825919_160866416_oMy good friend Wilbert Caba is ready to race you all this year, you better be ready!

1097722_389709154490316_784709735_oSmiles all over for podium time!

1) Cesar Pucheu (DR)
2) Miguel Cabreja (DR)
3) Jose “El Loko” (PR)

1) Pam Diaz (DR)
2) Catherine Goico (DR)
3) Arline Barrot (DR)

1) Bori Montero (DR)
2) Erick Estrella (DR)
3) Richard Rodriguez (DR)


What makes this hill special is the hospitality that the locals offer us, it’s like no other place I’ve been before. So many kind and humble people stoked on our sport! So supportive and motivated to see downhill skateboarding grow in their area.1097263_389708681157030_1712120443_o

All the little kids from the town where in love with downhill skateboards! You can tell with this picture! definitely GREAT TIMES!

Make sure to check the event “La Lomota DH Race 2014” on Facebook with all the information you need 🙂



Pam Diaz and Mujer Unica


Pam Diaz and Mujer Unica

Im in the new @mujerunicard Magazine talking a little bit about my passion for longboarding and how does it feels to practice an extreme sport! Thanks for your support!

Mujer Unica is a big magazine from my country Dominican Republic, it has 19 years out there and is a real honor to be able to express my love for the sport and my favorite brands!

Lakai Camby Earl Shoes

Posted By: Pete Benda

Lakai Earl Camby Shoes

In a collab that’s been far too long coming, the Lakai x Earl Sweatshirt Camby Collab shoes are in here at Daddies. The one-and-only Earl Sweatshirt grew up skating with Lakai Team Rider Nakel Smith, so the Lakai x Earl Collab has been in the makings for a while. Earl insisted on creating at least one “made for skate” pair along with the canvas “stage-ready” pair, so that’s what they did. They created a pair of shoes with lightly padded collars and mesh lining. Lakai gave them cushioned footbeds with the Earl Sweatshirt face logo and vulcanized the outsole for improved flexibility. They also include 4 hole laces with metal eyelets, and exclusive OFWGKTA brand tag at the sides. Whether you get the “made for skate” (Suede uppers) or the “stage-ready” (Canvas), shoes you get a pair of Lakai’s ready to shred the streets or look cleaned up, depending on the occasion. We here at Daddies are proud to have both the suede colors created with skate uppers, and the more street style canvas models as well. Earl wants you to have a pair, and so do we, so pick a pair of the Lakai Camby Earl Collabkicks while supplies last.

Assembling Your First Longboard

Posted By: Pete Benda

When people are involved in sports, they inevitably end up learning a lot of different skills. One of the things people who longboard might eventually learn to do is assemble a longboard themselves. Longboard assembly isn’t complicated and has a lot of opportunities for customization. Customizing a board to suit your needs and interests can make the sport even more enjoyable and can even be a source of pride for some people. You don’t need to assemble a board yourself if you don’t want to – complete boards are available – but if the process of longboard assembly is the only thing keeping you from putting together the board of your dreams, rejoice, my friend: I am here to break the assembly process down for you into simple, easy-to-follow steps.

The basic process for assembling most top-mount longboards is as follows:

  1. Find your deck and grip tape, and if it’s not already applied, apply the grip tape to the longboard deck. Some longboard decks come with grip tape already applied, while others need you (or a shop) to apply the tape.

  2. Gather your screws and screws. You’ll need eight nutsand eight screws. Make sure your screws aren’t too short; 1.25-inch screws are a good length. Screws that are too short won’t fit all decks, and screws that are too long will have too much excess if you aren’t adding risers.

  3. Place the screws in the deck. You should already have eight holes drilled into the deck of your longboard to place the screws in. Make sure the heads of the screws are all facing up.

  4. Take your trucks, with axels facing outwards, and use the nuts to fasten them. Make sure you are really tightening those bolts. If the screws are loose, they may come off or rattle. Mount one base plate on each end of the deck.

  5. Use a kingpin with a kingpin nut, a large washer, a barrel bushing, a cone bushing, and a small washer to attach the hanger to the base plate. Put the hanger between the two bushings. Make sure the kingpin is tight so that you don’t end up causing any damage to the components.

  6. You should have four wheels, eight bearings, eight small washers, 4 axle nuts, and an optional 4 bearing spacers. 2 bearings go in each wheel, 2 wheels per truck. You will assemble them along the axle sections of the trucks in the following order: axle nut, washer, bearing, optional spacer, wheel, bearing, washer. When attached, make sure the axle nut is tightened enough that the wheel doesn’t slide along the axle but will still spin freely.

And that’s it! Simple, right? Using the six simple steps above and attaching all of the parts in the correct order, you can put together a longboard that suits you completely. If you have any questions or comments, let me know – I’d love to hear them. Other longboard assembly tips are also welcome; just like in other sports, there is always more to learn and share. Thanks again for reading, guys, and remember, whether you are assembling a kit you purchased or a bunch of parts ordered separately, putting together your longboard is not something you should be intimidated by. Have fun!

March Photo Report – Dominican Republic

Sweettttch !

Miguel Cabreja Sweettttch !

Our Friend Daniel De La Cruz has been taking sweet photos of us these days! Covering the Dominican scene. Check some of our rippers and visit his page on Facebook to stay closer to his lens!


Kurativo Gnar Gnar

Kurativo Gnar Gnar

Vanessa Torres Speed Check

Vanessa Torres Speed Check

La Isla Toeside

La Isla Toeside

Sarah Astacio getting sideways

Sarah Astacio getting sideways

Secret Sessions at night ! El Kurativo.

Secret Sessions at night ! El Kurativo.

Night Runs : La Antena DH - Cesar Pucheu

Night Runs : La Antena DH – Cesar Pucheu

Night Runs : La Antena DH

Night Runs : La Antena DH

Fat Switchs

Fat Switchs

Miguel Cabreja with that toeside swagger

Miguel Cabreja with that toeside swagger

Essential Longboarding Safety Tips

Posted By: Pete Benda

Longboarding can be a great way to let yourself go. Things can be chaotic and all around unpleasant at work or with friends once in a while, and flying down a hill can be a damn good way to unwind. But as rad as the release may be, I also have enough experience to tell you that you’ve gotta make sure you’re taking the right steps to make sure you don’t end up bloody. Along with the proper safety gear, you should make sure you’re using appropriate technique.


Helmet: I’m starting with the obvious. Protect your head by wearing a properly fitting, buckled helmet. On the same page, ditch the headphones. If you’re going to be cruising down the street, you need to be able to hear the traffic. Cell phone or backpack speakers are a better bet if you need to ride with tunes.

Quality Board: Getting a good deal on a board is great. Hanging onto a favorite board is great, too. Either way, make sure you’re paying attention to all of the parts to ensure they are all good before heading out. Having a bearing seize up while riding is not something you want to deal with.

Slide Gloves: If you slide and drift, you’re going to need a good pair of slide gloves to protect the digits. Sector 9, Loaded, and Gravity all make slide gloves that will protect your fingers, even at high speeds.

Pads: Everyone who rides knows that a fall from time to time is inevitable. Because most of the time the fall is one you couldn’t have predicted, wearing elbow and knee pads can be a good way to keep the most likely points of impact safe. Make sure your gear is in good shape, too, by replacing caps on your pads as needed.


Learn “Safe” Fall Methods: If you find yourself on the verge of falling and you have a few seconds to react, knowing the proper way to fall can save you some serious pain. Rolling into and out of the fall, for instance, can save your wrists and knees some serious damage. Free runners are big advocate s for proper falling techniques and rolls. As a longboarder, you can benefit from some of what they teach.

Take the Lane: Cars probably won’t love you as you ride no matter what you do, so to be safe when riding on public roads, be confident, avoid weaving, and make sure you are “taking the lane” as cars approach. Let the cars pass you. Ride like a bicyclist, with the traffic, not against it. If the road has enough of a shoulder, feel free to use it. If you’re not comfortable taking the lane, cool: Pull to the side, stop, and wait until the cars have passed.

Only Ride During the Day: When you ride at night, you risk missing things that could be dangerous, like glass, rocks, road kill, whatever… but worse than not being able to see is not being seen. If you do ride at night, light up with some LEDs for your helmet and/or board.

Obey the Rules of the Road: When you’re riding on the road, follow lane signs; only turn in turn lanes, only go straight in straight – only lanes, and don’t run red lights.

Know When to Stop and When to Slide: Sliding can be useful and can save you, but you’ve gotta know how to foot brake, too.

Looking for a little more? Check this out:

7 Awesome Longboard Companies You Should Know

Posted By: Pete Benda

I gave you an intro to longboarding in general, explained the different styles, and now I think you’re ready for an intro to seven of the raddest brands in the industry today. While I’m just talking about seven today, there are way more brands to check out, including some that would be a shame to miss out on. I say this over and over, but do your research, read up on the styles and brands, watch a bunch of videos, and figure out what you want because diving in blind could be a recipe for disaster. Some longboarding brands focus on the more minimal designs, and others are all about creativity and innovation. With a little help from me, and enough time and research on your part, you’re bound to find the perfect board for you.

Sector 9

Most people who longboard know Sector 9. They might be the most influential brand as far as longboarding development. In the 90s, Sector 9 made the first products specifically meant for longboarding and they keep doing whatever possible to help the sport advance. They created some of the most popular freeride, race, and cruising wheels in the industry and have probably the largest offering of decks in the industry.


Bustin Longboards began in 2001 as a company run by skaters, for skaters. Their mission is to create and sell the planet’s most advanced longboards. They love life, love cruising, and love doing whatever they can to help the people who buy the longboards they make feel the grassroots vibe the company is so proud of.


Flat out awesome. That’s the best way to describe Arbor. Their longboards are clean and classy, and their riders have beautiful style. We’re talking James Kelly, Liam Morgan, Aaron Grulich… world-class riders all of them. If you believe ancient saying “look good, skate good” you should check Arbor out.


Loaded Longboards… just……..awesome. The world loves them because they do their own thing, incorporating bamboo construction and state-of-the-art molds to create high performance boards for every riding style. Thanks to them we were able to see high end products that continually live up to and beyond their reputation. To this day they continue to be thecompany known for creating boards that are unique and completely innovative.


Caliber makes trucks, and they do a hell of a job at it. They keep the design of their trucks minimalist making sure you get what you want without all the unnecessary flashiness of a lot of other brands. High quality, high performance, and no distraction, that’s what you get with all of the trucks Caliber makes.


You’ve heard of the Apex Series boards, right? All over longboarders have been falling head over heels for these boards by Original. The company is a staple in the industry. With a huge online fan base and tons of new original and innovate products being released, Original knows what their fans want.


Gravity Longboards releases high quality boards that suit all styles of riding. Whatever style gets you stoked, they’ve got something that is going to be just what you want, but better.

Want more? Okay.

Best Longboard Brands