Landyachtz Switchblade 38

Landyachtz Switchblade 38All the best heroes have sidekicks. The best longboards do too. That’s why the Landyachtz Switchblade 40 had the Switchblade 36. But what happens when two just isn’t enough? BAM! Here comes the Landyachtz Switchblade 38! It has everything you love in the old Switchblades: double drop design making it extra low to the ground and fantastic for push races. Then the drop design gives you extra lock in feeling where you’ll never slip. What’s not to love about the Landyachtz Switchblade 38?! It’s perfect from city slashing to giant hill mobbing and everything in between.  We also love that Landyachtz has done a drop though design which enables you to either drop it through or top mount it to your liking! And with a new board comes a new design. This board, as well as the other Switchblades and Landyachtz boards, now come with a fiberglass bottom and a graphic that is tattooed into the deck. It’s speed stiff and ready for all the rides.

Landyachtz Top Speed

The Landyachtz Top Speed is a completely new board coming in from Landyachtz for 2013 and it is radtastic. This top mounted board is going to dominate the racing series. The Landyachtz Top Speed offers superior traction for holding sharp lines and quicker turning for the best racing experience. What makes this board different than any other top mount design? First, it’s a symmetrical top mount rather than the directional design. This makes this board fantastic for freeriding and 180 slides because it’ll all ride the same. The second thing that makes this board different is the design in the concave and the way it cradles your feet. It’s like getting a foot rub from a dragon of gnar. Or it’s more like W concave matched with 3d wheel wells to give you the ultimate lock in feeling….. Which ever way you’d wanna look at it. The thing is that the W concave meets perfectly at the arch of your foot, and what the 3d wheel wells do is they capture the front of your foot, giving you a completely enclosed and supported speed tuck. When you’re hauling down a hill the 3d wheel wells give you points of reference for your feet and you know exactly where your feet are the whole run. And the locked in feel is so great for freeriding and huge standies. You’ll never slip off. All in all this board is a downhill freeride monster. Oh wait…. are we done? Nope! This board isn’t just one but actually two! It comes in two different sizes! The Landyachtz Top Speed 36 and the Landyachtz Top Speed 34. So all you shredders whether big or small are able to get your hands on a Landyachtz Top Speed!

The Rayne Fortune is in the House

Rayne Fortune P SwissWe’re stoked to say that we have the Rayne Fortune in the house, and it’s killin’ it! Rayne has changed the way boards will be built for years to come. The thing that excited us most about the Rayne P Swiss is the fat bottom construction. Does this mean that the Fortune has a badonk that just won’t quit? It could. But in actuality, the fat bottom construction is a way for Rayne to cut down on the weight of the deck without losing stability while at the same time maintaining a speed stiff deck. The deck is thick in the center and thins out when it goes towards the edge so that there are less materials. So it’s lighter but still thick at the center so that it is still speed stiff.

The other sweet thing we like about this board is the Bacon Weave concave which will give you points of reference for your feet. There are two points of reference in the front and two in the back. This also creates 3d concave that acts as wheel wells, letting you run looser trucks and larger wheels.

One thing that a lot of people don’t know is that this board comes with a micro kicked nose and tail. They are ILL! For those of you who don’t like kicktails this is perfect for you! It’ll add leverage for your manuals but are not huge like a skateboard’s. They’re the perfect addition to this downhill freeride board. Icing on cake.

Bigfoot has FINALLY Been Found!

Coming in at a hefty 10.375 inches wide, the Madrid BigfootMadrid Bigfoot has a spacious standing platform giving your feet room to roam to find the perfect stance. Also with a 27.625 inch wheelbase, the Madrid Bigfoot is perfect for nimble hill mobbing and freeriding! We’re also very stoked on the nose and tail that’ll help you fill your bag of tricks. Get yourself a piece of the beast.

Jet Longboards – Good Things Come in Threes

Good things come in threes. So what happens when you get three really good things coming together? You get the three new Jet Longboards that just came into our shop. That would be the Jet Potato, the Jet Vulcan X, and the Jet Soul Shredder. We think these three boards are ready for you gnar shredders. Here’s why:

The Jet Potato has the top mount directional design that’s been growing oh so popular nowadays! What sets this apart is it’s a speed stiff freeride race board with VERY nimble wheelbase options. And with each wheelbase option, Jet has thought through its design and made sure that the wheel wells designed into the board are suitable for whichever wheelbase you decide on using. The other great thing about this board is the fact that with such nimble wheelbase options, Jet only needs to use 8 plies of maple to keep this board speed stiff and downhill ready. What that means is a deck that will be lighter than your standard 9 ply or 10 ply decks while keeping all of the benefits. Plus it lowers the ride height of the deck by just a tad bit. That’s sick!

As for the Jet Vulcan X: what we love about longboarding is the fact that it’s a sport for anyone to try out. Whether big or small, Jet is keeping riders prepared. If you think you’re a little too big for the Jet Potato, it’s ok because the Vulcan X would be perfect for you. It’s in theory a larger version of the Jet Potato. It has a larger wheelbase, making it more stable. However, it kept the ideas of the very useful wheel wells. It also has 8 plies of maple giving it a very comfortable flex but will still be able to handle the fast speeds you throw at it. Big or small, this board rocks!

The Jet Soul Shredder is just a dope looking board in our opinion. It’s a board we’re very happy to carry because we love the way Jet is running things. They had a LOT of rider input in designing this board. It has a lot of influence from Evren Ozan and Fernando Yuppie in particular. They’ve designed the Sould Shredder for the most radtastic time and ability. Definitely has the California influence and LBDR steeze. It comes handy with .5 inches of radial concave to keep you locked in and a 25 inch wheelbase for the perfect amount of stability and nimbleness, plus an EXTREMELY fun nose and tail.

Behold – Gold Coast Longboards at Daddies

Gold Coast Longboards

Daddies Board Shop is happy to announce that we have now picked up a new company at our shop! We’re now stocked on Gold Coast Longboards and we are stoked. We are happy to have some CLASSIC shapes in our shop! The second you look at these they make you want to just take them out to the beach and cruise around enjoying the scenery.

This line up is coming in with the very stylish pintails that everyone loves so much. They have pintails of any wheelbase you would look for and any stiffness you could imagine. So if you want a shorter style pintail they have it. If you’re looking for a longer pintail style for those long deep carves, they have it! They’re paving the way for the shape everyone knows and loves. But they don’t stop there. Gold Coast is coming in with two drop through downhill boards as well. The Gold Coast Valve and Gold Coast Pressure are great for those wanting to try out some downhilling fun. They’re drop through so they’re low to the ground and stiff to avoid those nasty speed wobbles!

We are also super excited about the construction of these boards. They’re a maple construction which is a very good material but some of their boards are also made with bamboo. Bamboo baby! We love the bamboo since it adds a really good and lively pop and rigidity to the deck. And the boards are so affordable too. Affordable bamboo?! They must be trippin’! So make sure you take the time to check out this brand sometime, they’ve got us stoked and we know they’ll stoke you out too.

The Comet Archetype


So, clearly Comet has been making some big moves over the past little bit but there is a little something we are super excited about more than anything.

Meet the Comet Archetype.

This board is a top mounted (actually, FLUSH cut top mounted, which means the bottom of the board has been routed out a bit so your trucks fit directly into the actual skateboard resulting in a lower ride height and a little added control with weight distribution on your rails while riding), a mid size length at 37″ and a pretty wide width at 9.75″. All these size features are complimented by a rockered platform and concave that are sure to hold your feet right in while your goin’ sideways at maximum speed.

The Comet Archetype is a symetrical board, meaning the exact same from nose to tail. Ride it regular, ride it switch, it doesn’t matter.

As for wheelbase, we’ve got two options to choose from. 26.3″ on the inner mounts will ensure some very responsive turning and the extra inch on the 27.3″ outer mounts will provide that little extra stability when speed is certainly a factor in your riding.

Our boy Liam helped film this video of Anthony Flis and Eric Jensen ripping this board around the super gnar hills of Berkeley, California.

Push to Feed


Push to Feed

Our beautiful Ishtar Backlund is in the Philippines right now experiencing the culture. With her heart breaking over hungry street kids, she decided to do something about it.

‘Never doubt that a small handful of thoughtful committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.’

Right on Ishtar.

Daddies Welcomes Riviera To The Family

Daddies is especially stoked to welcome Riviera Skateboards to the family. To celebrate, the good and hygienic folks at Riviera are hooking you up with free goodies.

For the month of March, all Riviera purchases will come with a free Riviera t-shirt. Just select a size when you are on the product page. Simple.

But wait…there’s more! The first 100 Riviera purchases will be entered to win Amanda Powell’s unreleased pro deck. All these goodies are provided by the good and hygienic folks at Riviera.

Feel free to race to the Riviera page to start checking out the decks. But if you want to learn a bit about why we’re so pumped to have Riviera in the lineup, keep reading friend. You see, Riviera made Connor happy. Connor is our operation manager and has been a part of the Daddies family since 1999. Connor is a stud at what he does, but he also distinguishes himself as our grumpiest coworker. We don’t know what makes him grumpy. It just is. I mean he works at a skateboard shop. What’s there to be grumpy about?? But I digress. Anyway, the point of the story is that Connor smiled the day the Riviera decks arrived. Maybe it was more of a smirk, but it was close enough.

Why the smile? The Catalina Island Classic from Riviera caught his eye. The shape of the Catalina reminded him of a, now vintage, Banzai metal board his dad bought him when he was kid. So Connor did the only thing that made sense. He tricked out the Catalina the day it arrived at the shop and rode it on home. Then he rode it back to the shop again the next morning. Then home again at night. Then…you get the point.

Sweet memories.

If you’re interested, Connor set his board up with Indy 109 trucks, 60mm 78a OJ Hot Juice wheels, and Oust Moc 5 Tech bearings.

Original Maven 35 – Lock-in You Can See

Original Maven

Original Maven

Whoa whoa whoa. The Original Maven 35 is in the house. We’ve been waiting a longtime for this board from Original Skateboards. A symmetrical downhill freeride board, this board is 35.75 inches long, 9.75 inches wide, and comes with wheelbase options from 26.5 to 28 inches long. The Maven also features a .925 inch drop to keep you locked in. The standing foot platform of this board is 26 inches. This board is built with 5 plies of maple and quad axial fiberglass top and bottom.

Whew… Now that we’re done with the techy stuff, let’s tell you why this board is AWESOME. The Maven is taking the sweet concave from the Original Diamond Drop 40 you all love and putting it in a racing board! What’s so good about that concave? Well, it’s a slightly dropped board but it’s doing it differently. When you’re standing on the board and you get to the drop, the side concave doesn’t stop like other drop boards but actually goes all the way to the drop. Creating what we like to call a “true pocket” that will lock you in perfectly. This creates a bowl shape in the board. There’s a complete encircling of concave. What’s not great about that?
Then comes the construction of the board. 5 plies of maple and qual axial fiberglass not only sounds awesome but there is great reasoning behind that. What this does is creates a stiff and speed stable board and makes this deck lighter than using the average 9 plies of maple. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! By using this construction, this offers a thinner deck which lowers your ride by 1/8th of an inch. And everything about that is great! It offers a lower ride for easier pushing, sliding, and lowers your center of gravity to give you a more stable at speeds.

And even though the Maven 35 is a fantastic piece of chocolate cake as it is, Original puts the icing on the cake by giving the Maven a flared up nose and tail for just a little bit of extra fun! This board is a quiver killer, because once you ride this board, you’ll want nothing else.