Rainy Day Activities

Yesterday, after hours of unconventional mid-winter sunlight in Portland, in began to pour rain.  This was especially disappointing because I was minutes away from ditching out on the last few hours of work to go bomb some hills and watch my comrade slip slide away on some new Fernando Yuppie Power Slides (NEW! From Abec 11/Sublime).  So instead of fun in the diluted sun, I spent the afternoon doodling and fantasizing about the summer nights I spend alone with my skateboard in quiet contemplation, surrounded by soft candlelight, covered in war paint.

Arbor Heights Mini Sesh

So today my wife and I went out and did a little skating, she got some photos of me!  We had never been here but I saw a hill in the distance by my house, drove towards it, and then saw this super nice housing development that wasnt complete built into a super steep hill.  The streets are perfect for freeriding and I will get some shots there later.  BUT I just wanted to check out some of the corners it had, definitely had some tight ones… so i found this one that wasnt too busy (none of them really were) and we took some pics of me messing around going around it! 🙂

Me Speed checking around a corner

Standing up around the corner (Note: I am a Ginger)

Laying back around the corner

This setup is super fun

Turns out that the “ultimate grip” race wheel from cult, the Gamma ray in the Horrotica thane slides super good.   And by super good I mean kind of chattery but really easy for me to control and predict.  Then I put blood oranges from my calibers in some randal 42’s and of course it is on the new eastside rocky bomber. Sick board with some sick shape!

My wife saki

Daddies Blowin up the scene in the gorge!

Colton Carnahan – Back Smith

Colton Carnahan – Blunt Fakie

Colton Carnahan and Dylan Blakesley – Monkey Business

Dylan Blakesley – FS disaster

Joe Kiser – FS Tailblock

Joe Kiser – FS air

Joe Kiser – FS rock

So Me (spencer) and Mikey from here at Daddies rolled out to some of the parks along the columbia gorge and got ton of footage and pictures!  Right before we left we found out that there was a new park opening up in the dalles, oregon so we grabbed a bunch of product and went out to hook kids up! There was a contest too so we all entered and our buddy colton carnahan got 3rd (without trying at all!).  We rolled out with about 12 dudes all together and camped for 3 days in the hills above white salmon, washington. Had tons of beverages, guitars, bongos, campfires, and a good time!  We were promoting Oh My Skateboards along the way. It is a board company that Mikey started up and I help out with a bunch of the photo stuff.  So we ended up with 15 daddies decks to give away, 10 sets of bearings to give away, and a bunch of Oh My boards, shirts, and shades to sell!  The hood river park was amazing as always, the bingen park was a blast until high cascade showed up and blew the sesh, and the dalles park was amazing! Soooo many good parks out there! Dont forget Lyle, WA park! Heres some pics of us tossing out product and some of us skating too!

Grip it and Dip!

Another satisfied homie!

Spreading the stoke
Tyler Koehler – Boost off and over rock

Kenneth Takuya Pickett

The Gorgeous Gorge

Tents are pitched!

Mikey Duran – Works at daddies

Mikey Duran and Colton Carnahan

No Skate trip is complete without a booty shot

Mikey Duran during the comp

Kyle during the comp – Back lip

Tyler Koehler during the comp – Kickflip fakie over hip

Dylan Blakesley During Comp – FS 5-0 nosegrab

Joe Kiser – Hood River Park FS smith

Dylan Blakesley – Back Smith

Joe Kiser – FS smith

Colton Carnahan – 360 Fakie

Joe Kiser – Tail Block

Joe Kiser – FS layback

Kyle – Crooked

Tyler Koehler – Back Feeble

Tyler Koehler – Ollie Over rail

Colton and Dylan dorkin around, nose pick in (landed!)

Joe Kiser

Kenneth takuya Pickett

Dylan Blakesley – FS 5-0 into lower tranny