TBT to #LaLomotaDH

Right now La Lomota DH is the only big race we have in the Dominican Republic, on 2014 we are going to celebrate the second edition of this gnarly race which is held in Navarrete, a small town in the North Coast, my good friend Cesar Pucheu is working hard to make this event a time to remember!

Last year we had more than 40 people racing in the three divisions: Groms, Womens and Open. This is one of the most challenging tracks we have, it has 19 curves and a top speed that reaches around 47 miles per hour.

The date is set and everybody is wondering who is going to be the King of the Hill!

I made a selection of my favorite photos from last year, shot by my homegirls Catherine Goico and Gabriela Sobrino! Peep it, get motivated and COME SKATE WITH US!

Having the road closed made me skate with a lot more confidence than ever before! I had those turns on LOCK!


Here’s my homegirl Cathy Kat who shared podium with me, taking the second place for the ladies! Hell yea girl !

1119845_389664124494819_119736931_oArline Barrot never went so fast before! She was really excited to experience new speeds and to take home the 3rd place!


My brotha from anotha motha Miguel Cabreja knows right! He slashed his Jet Banshee with 50 Degrees Caliber Trucks and some 75mm Lime BigZigs!1119877_10151548696796573_363549991_o

Things got really rowdy with the unexpected rain, but that ain’t stopping us! We have a race!


1146148_389685977825967_385614418_oJomar Guzman is a TOP racer from Puerto Rico, i bet you’ve heard about him before, the guy is FAST! We are happy to receive his support and to have his presence in every race we have in the DR


This year we are also having the campsite ready !1146285_389694164491815_1102444104_o

The ladies came from around the coast to shoot some pics all weekend!1146952_389671941160704_257618914_o


My good friend Jeremy Dils followed me down the hill filming a Raw Run (Raw Diaz on YouTube) the morning before the race started, the road was still open but it was really rad.1147713_389664864494745_816873795_o

Taking those inside lines like it’s my job!


Cesar Pucheu the 2013 King of the Hill going in the front and leading the boys down his local.1150454_389671834494048_1221657994_o

Jamil from Puerto Plata getting low and steezy!1167235_389665011161397_1663867144_o

Juan Carlos getting gnar gnar1172315_10151548670011573_2005184800_o

Jose El Loko from Puerto Rico shredded the hill all weekend like a boss!1172824_389686457825919_160866416_oMy good friend Wilbert Caba is ready to race you all this year, you better be ready!

1097722_389709154490316_784709735_oSmiles all over for podium time!

1) Cesar Pucheu (DR)
2) Miguel Cabreja (DR)
3) Jose “El Loko” (PR)

1) Pam Diaz (DR)
2) Catherine Goico (DR)
3) Arline Barrot (DR)

1) Bori Montero (DR)
2) Erick Estrella (DR)
3) Richard Rodriguez (DR)


What makes this hill special is the hospitality that the locals offer us, it’s like no other place I’ve been before. So many kind and humble people stoked on our sport! So supportive and motivated to see downhill skateboarding grow in their area.1097263_389708681157030_1712120443_o

All the little kids from the town where in love with downhill skateboards! You can tell with this picture! definitely GREAT TIMES!

Make sure to check the event “La Lomota DH Race 2014” on Facebook with all the information you need 🙂



Pam Diaz: Welcome to the Pro Team

Well it is official folks; we put Pammy on our pro team! She has been shredding so hard over the past couple years and deserves this. Thank you to all her sponsors.  Abec 11, Caliber Trucks, Comet Skateboards; you guys are helping her live out her dream! Congrats Pam Díaz, you’re doing it!

Pam Diaz Freeriding in the Dominican Republic

Check out one of our favorite Daddies Girls, Pam Diaz, getting down and dirty in the Dominican Republic as she freerides it up! Want to shred like Pam? Check out her gear!

Comet Grease Hammer, Caliber Trucks, Abec 11 Wheels!

Pam Diaz [GRNTM]

Pam Diaz – Making the come up.

Word on the street is that DBS Ambassador team rider, Pam Diaz, who we absolutely love, is now officially on Abec 11’s [GRNTM] or… “Green Team” if you aren’t in the know. I know it is easily confused with the ever so often used “Great Rustic Northern Table Moose,” but in Abec 11′s case it just stands for Green Team. We don’t know all the details yet but we will sure keep you posted so keep on coming back for more news! This year is treating Pam so well and we couldn’t be more proud of her! Well we spilled the beans, lets see what Abec 11 has in store for her!!! Mwuaaahahahahaha!

Pam AGAIN!!!! She is on FIRE!

She is on fire! Pam Diaz is GREEN!!!

In a box from Abec 11, Daddies Board Shop Team Rider Pam Diaz, found a note that read… “GRN TM / Skate Fast.”

I feel like all we are doing is blogging about Pam but it is hard not to when she gives us so much reason to! There is a lot left unsaid but it is looking like Pam Diaz is going to be getting hooked up from Abec 11. We sure hope she does. Abec 11 is smart to get her on board early. Pam is just one of those riders with natural talent. If you give her the tools she is going to build an empire; that is the type of rider and person that she is. We have watched Pam grow into the fine rider that she is today and when we see companies like Abec 11 getting in on her steeziness… it really brings a smile to our faces.

Felicidades Amiga! You are killing it! Keep up the good work and you are bound to go far!!!

DBS Rider update: Pam “Pampita” Diaz!

Check out some photos that Pam Diaz recently sent us, we are STOKED on these and they look super good!

Pam clearly stoked in her balling new hoody!

Pam shralpin a fatty toeside

Another sexy toeside from Pammy!

Heelside madness up in this beezy! The Dominican Republic looks like a shredders paradise.

Well hey there Pam, nice shirt!

We have the best team in the world... sorry everyone else, its true!