DBS Rider update: Pam “Pampita” Diaz!

Check out some photos that Pam Diaz recently sent us, we are STOKED on these and they look super good!

Pam clearly stoked in her balling new hoody!

Pam shralpin a fatty toeside

Another sexy toeside from Pammy!

Heelside madness up in this beezy! The Dominican Republic looks like a shredders paradise.

Well hey there Pam, nice shirt!

We have the best team in the world... sorry everyone else, its true!

The Penny Skateboards “Nickel”

Hey there everyone… check out Shop employee Spencer Morgan Knuttila scooting around on his Penny Nickel! These things are insanely fun! It is 27 inches long, 7.5 inches wide, comes with 4 inch trucks and super smooth 59mm 78a wheels. These things are perfect for cruising around with friends, going to the store, chillin’ in a park, or just all around doing ¬†your thang! The Penny Nickel is just big enough to pull off some fun tricks and handle a bit bigger hills! You won’t regret picking one of these puppies up!

Check out some of the photos from Spencer’s Instagram of him playing around on his Penny Nickel! It is a retro type board so we figured retro type images would suit it best!

The Penny Nickel in all it's glory! Nice and fresh!

Rippin and dippin in Penny Nickel cruise mode!

Spencer - 360 flips are surprisingly easy on the Penny Nickel

Spencer - Corpsey Fakie

Aren't the Nickels magnificent!

Spencer - doing a little transfer over some foliage on a jersey barrier! The nickel can handle it all!

Spencer - Rock to fakie

Come by portland, swing by our shop and pick a nickel up!

Find more sweet pics on instagram… for skate and shop related stuff @SpencerMorganPhoto and @DaddiesBoardShop

Hitting the streets

Chris Hernandez - Ollie

We have found our way into the streets again. Its basically impossible for us to stay out of them though. But isn’t that the story with all skaters? No matter what else is going on in our lives, those things always seem to end up in second place after our love for wood pushing. Today we went and skated outside the Nike SB secret warehouse skatepark. I like to go down there and skate because it is skate spot central and also because on rare occasion they let you come in and skate the park (it is perfection).

Michael - Ollie

Even in the longboarding community freestyle shapes and the want to get airborne is becoming more and more prevalent. I can’t wait for the Landyachtz Boomstick to come out so I can’t do some crazy stuff on it ūüėõ But until then there is always the Landyachtz Trooper and the Comet Ethos 38!¬†I’m just trying to decide what trucks are going to work best on those setups. I know RKP trucks, like a 180mm will fit it well but I kinda want to run Indy 169’s on them with some decently off-set or side-set wheels. Who knows… Gotta try it out first I suppose!

Chris Hernandez - Kickflip

Here is my buddy Chris again, with a man-sized kick flip. Pretty Burly.

Chris Hernandez - Heelflip

Another Day of Skating!

Check it out everyone. We have once again found ourselves up on some street skateboards and went and slayed some local spots.

Joe Kiser Starting off the Day with a stall to pull in on this bank.

Joe Kiser with a mean FS Boneless under a bridge!

Spencer took a break from behind the camera to get this backside flip

Joe Kiser with a man-sized melon out of a jenky piece of the sidewalk

Joe Kiser - FS Noseblunt

Joe Kiser - FS 5-0

Joe Kiser - FS hurricane

Joe Kiser - FS tailslide (Joe has over 20 something tricks on this)



Walls are fun

Pete Benda - Wallride

We don’t know what it is but there is something about wall rides that just are appealing. Generally you see a wall and don’t think about riding on it, well unless you got a board under your feet… It really just grabs our attention as another way to defy gravity with a skateboard.

Pete Benda Kickflip Fakie


Pete Benda FS AIR

Banks are classic as well… this one is pretty small but its still fun to play around on. Classic portland spot!


Spencer is actually riding the fernando yuppie sublime/ abec 11 power slides. They are nice and big so rolling over rocks and stuff to get up to jenky little spots like this are nice and easy!

Spencer Doing a wall ride too!

This is the same wall that the skate everything photo was taken on. Same spencer too ūüėÄ

Scoot’s New Board: The Sector 9 Tiffany!

Scoot Smith and The Sector 9 Tiffany

Finally, we have a good finished product shot of the new Sector 9 Tiffany, Scott “Scoot” Smith’s new pro-model longboard! ¬†And look at that puppy, it is gorgeous. ¬†It is pretty amazing to see a Downhill Division Deck with some green flavor to it! ¬†This here is an interesting deck and I think that other companies out there are going to take bits and pieces of it in the future and apply them to their future models.

Lets look at the specs!

I think the most noticeable feature is the nose! ¬†It isn’t a wedged nose, its a dropped nose! I think that after years of riding the Landyachtz Evo Scoot wanted something that felt somewhat similar when he switched over to Sector 9. ¬†After speaking with him at Maryhill this is what Scoot told me about his new board and the function he wanted it to have.

Daddies Board Shop Team Riders Scoot Smith and Robin McGuirk at Maryhill Festival of Speed!

Scoot said that he wanted to have the nose dropped a bit because it makes the board a bit more divey in the front. Obviously that would be great for diving into turns and for initiating slides.  And you get the best of both worlds because it is not going to be offsetting the angle of the kingpin much, if at all!  Imagine it this way, amazing control up front that mellows out in the back so that you can follow through in turns with no sacrifice in stability. A lot of boards have the ability to do this but I think the Tiffany is going to set a new standard in design.

Next, you can see in the picture above by the way the light reflects off of bottom of the board, there is a hefty amount of W-concave thrown into the Sector 9 Tiffany! ¬†Essentially Scoot and Sector 9 have created one innovative downhill machine. AND to boot it has some burly wheel wells so say “bye-bye” to wheel bite with this guy! ¬†Unless you run some Gullwing Sidewinders with 107mm Abec 11 Electric Flywheels… but that would be pretty stupid and I highly doubt anyone is going to do that, but props if you can pull it off. ¬†Check out this video!

As you can see, this thing is basically perfection! ¬†Plus it has that little swallow-tail thing going on and ever since the Comet Grease Shark came out the swallow-tail steez has been KILLING IT! Looks so sick. ¬†This board paired up with Scoot’s flawless style is going to provide for some great racing and some series eye candy video content! ¬†I can’t wait to see how Scoot man-handles TIFFANY!

Scoot Smith stopping by Daddies Board Shop! - Photo: Spencer Morgan

More street skateboarding stuff

Robert Parrish - Crooked Grind

So sorry about the lack of longboarding content in these last few posts.  It is just so much easier to gather some buddies up for an indoor session than it is to find guys who want to go bomb in the rain.  So my friend Robert and I went to a parking garage down by Portland State University and we hit up a classic Portland rail.

Robert Parrish - Huge Ollie into parking garage bank.

Robert can ollie over whatever he wants. ¬†He is easily two and a half feet over this cone. ¬†The way I see it, no matter what style of skating that you’re into you absolutely have to spend some time just doing ollies around a city. There are plenty of good hybrid decks out there that will let you explore your creative potential! ¬†For instance, the Comet Shred 35! ¬†It is pretty big but the beauty of it is that its still super functional for freeriding due to its size. ¬†But having it’s standard skateboard construction it ends up still being pretty light weight. ¬†Even if you put RKP trucks like Paris on it the weight stays pretty low. ¬†Then there are millions of wheel options! ¬†Volante wheels, 66mm abec 11 freerides, 65mm orangatang fat free’s. ¬†So many options! ¬†Other sweet boards would be the Arbor Bug or the Hybrid, or one of my personal favorites, the Eastside Longboards Tabor!

Robert Parrish, huge stalefish

I guess I’m writing this more toward people who never had a background in skateboarding. ¬†I know a lot of kids out there right now who started out with longboarding and haven’t known the love of snapping their tail down and doing an ollie up or something. ¬†Do you remember when you first learned how to hold your stand ups out longer? ¬†You were stoked right? ¬†See thats the feeling you get when you do ollies, I swear they are the same! ¬†It just sucks when you fall off something. ¬†I don’t know what sucks more. ¬†Falling straight down off of something high or falling going super fast and sliding on the ground. ¬†Impact vs Road Rash. ¬†Now I am going to be pondering this for days until I have fallen hard off a skateboard and off of a longboard. Tricky. I have baffled myself.

Robert Parrish - Crooked Grind

Abec 11 / Sublime Fernando Yuppie 62mm Powerslides!

Abec 11 Wheels rock!

Setting up some Powerslides from Abec 11 / Sublime wheels.

Now, I’m not the best at techsliding, and when I say that I mean, I’ve never really done techsliding at all. ¬†BUT I did grow up skateboarding and powerslides are definitely common place. ¬†SO I decided to see how well the Sublime / Abec 11 Fernando Yuppie 62mm Powerslides actually performed. ¬†At first I was actually confused because they are a slide wheel but they come with the tread grooved into them. ¬†I feel like they would be more effective with no tread from the get go.

Finishing the wheels up.

And then the fun begins!  First few slides were rough but once I got the tread worn down the Fernando Yuppies were pretty fun!

Powersliding in a nice Alameda Ridge Driveway

Another slide up in the driveway!

Once you get these wheels worn in I can completely see why techsliding on them would be fun. ¬†I was skeptical at first because I can pretty much flat spot any wheel out there. ¬†Every wheel company out there claims that they have a “no flat spot” formula and the only wheels I haven’t ever been able to flat spot are Powell Bones STF‘s and SPF‘s. ¬†BUT The Anti Flat Spot 100a urethane formula that Abec 11 uses in these is turning out to surprise me. ¬†Im not quite sure how they did it because so many wheel companies like Spitfire, RIcta, OJ, have been out there forever making street wheels and yet Abec 11 was the ones who figured how to make a more durable wheel. ¬†I bet a bunch of skateboarding companies would be pretty bummed out to know that a longboarding company is making a wheel that kind of puts theirs to shame! ¬†Regardless, I am stoked because these wheels are going to be fun trying to wear down as much as possible.

Whats that sweet sticker on that car?

Turns out they are great for street skating too.  There really would be no reason for them not to be!  There was this little step nearby so I had to do a couple little stalls on it.

There was a little step nearby so I had to do some stalls on it. NosePick

Truthfully the shape is actually great for things other than just techsliding as well!  I know these are things that the world of longboarding arent too concerned with, however, I do have faith that more and more people will embrace all sides of skating and pick up a skateboard here and there as well!  The way the wheels cone in paired with how wide they are make them great for locking tricks in on ledges, coping, and whatnot.  The ones I have set up on here are still 62mm but once I get them down to about 58mm I will definitely be mashing around some parks on them.

Me Checking the wear on the wheelsYup, these wheels are rad

So all in all I gotta say that Abec 11 / Sublime Fernando Yuppie 62mm Powerslides are definitely a worthy purchase!  They slide great, they have a great shape, they are very affordable, and so far I have seen no sight of flat spotting.   Whether you are into tech sliding, street skating, or just want some beefy wheels on your deck, these wheels are definitely a great choice!  Good job Abec 11!!!!