TBT to #LaLomotaDH

Right now La Lomota DH is the only big race we have in the Dominican Republic, on 2014 we are going to celebrate the second edition of this gnarly race which is held in Navarrete, a small town in the North Coast, my good friend Cesar Pucheu is working hard to make this event a time to remember!

Last year we had more than 40 people racing in the three divisions: Groms, Womens and Open. This is one of the most challenging tracks we have, it has 19 curves and a top speed that reaches around 47 miles per hour.

The date is set and everybody is wondering who is going to be the King of the Hill!

I made a selection of my favorite photos from last year, shot by my homegirls Catherine Goico and Gabriela Sobrino! Peep it, get motivated and COME SKATE WITH US!

Having the road closed made me skate with a lot more confidence than ever before! I had those turns on LOCK!


Here’s my homegirl Cathy Kat who shared podium with me, taking the second place for the ladies! Hell yea girl !

1119845_389664124494819_119736931_oArline Barrot never went so fast before! She was really excited to experience new speeds and to take home the 3rd place!


My brotha from anotha motha Miguel Cabreja knows right! He slashed his Jet Banshee with 50 Degrees Caliber Trucks and some 75mm Lime BigZigs!1119877_10151548696796573_363549991_o

Things got really rowdy with the unexpected rain, but that ain’t stopping us! We have a race!


1146148_389685977825967_385614418_oJomar Guzman is a TOP racer from Puerto Rico, i bet you’ve heard about him before, the guy is FAST! We are happy to receive his support and to have his presence in every race we have in the DR


This year we are also having the campsite ready !1146285_389694164491815_1102444104_o

The ladies came from around the coast to shoot some pics all weekend!1146952_389671941160704_257618914_o


My good friend Jeremy Dils followed me down the hill filming a Raw Run (Raw Diaz on YouTube) the morning before the race started, the road was still open but it was really rad.1147713_389664864494745_816873795_o

Taking those inside lines like it’s my job!


Cesar Pucheu the 2013 King of the Hill going in the front and leading the boys down his local.1150454_389671834494048_1221657994_o

Jamil from Puerto Plata getting low and steezy!1167235_389665011161397_1663867144_o

Juan Carlos getting gnar gnar1172315_10151548670011573_2005184800_o

Jose El Loko from Puerto Rico shredded the hill all weekend like a boss!1172824_389686457825919_160866416_oMy good friend Wilbert Caba is ready to race you all this year, you better be ready!

1097722_389709154490316_784709735_oSmiles all over for podium time!

1) Cesar Pucheu (DR)
2) Miguel Cabreja (DR)
3) Jose “El Loko” (PR)

1) Pam Diaz (DR)
2) Catherine Goico (DR)
3) Arline Barrot (DR)

1) Bori Montero (DR)
2) Erick Estrella (DR)
3) Richard Rodriguez (DR)


What makes this hill special is the hospitality that the locals offer us, it’s like no other place I’ve been before. So many kind and humble people stoked on our sport! So supportive and motivated to see downhill skateboarding grow in their area.1097263_389708681157030_1712120443_o

All the little kids from the town where in love with downhill skateboards! You can tell with this picture! definitely GREAT TIMES!

Make sure to check the event “La Lomota DH Race 2014” on Facebook with all the information you need 🙂



This is our experience out at maryhill… just a little part though!

Team rider Ishtar Backlund kicking it with Ambassadors Eric Hoang and Richard Topete

So Maryhill has come around again! This year got very very rowdy and very out of control. I am glad we got to be a part of it. Check out some of the photos from the event. We ran around, camera-happy, and got a bunch of great shots for you to enjoy!

Team Rider Amanda Powell hanging out with shop employee/gangster Jesse Stuart

We were slanging all sorts of goodies up there. If you weren’t there to get in on our awesome deals and mayhem then you were missing out! Abec 11′s and Landyachtz Biggie Hawgs were flying off the shelves!

Patrick Switzer getting crazy-faced! Love this dude.

Patrick Switzer went on to win the event and it was a huge win for Rayne longboards as well. Patrick was on a sweet prototype slalom deck and absolutely killed it!

The homie James Kelly… you may know him as the American Dream!

Daddies riders! The beautiful Marisa Nunez and Alex “The Fiercest” Tongue!

Bricin “Striker” Lyons! … And Rebekka Gemperle… what a babe!

Camping like a boss!

Camping out in a good location is KEY if you want to avoid some of the skater’s campsite mayhem… We avoided it until the final night in the maryhill state park! it was great!

Camping in the makeshift tent… awesome!

Tad Drysdale!

Loaded and Orangatang’s Kyle Chin!

This is the man that is responsible for quite a bit of the Loaded and Orangatang videos and product that you all love!  Kyle CHIN!

Douglas Dalua!!! Love this dude too… such a gnarly rider!

Douglas Dalua is loved by everyone! He set a new track record on his rayne and abec 11 wheels! He has a new wheel sponsor but he was still on abec 11′s!

Team Rider Pam Diaz with Aaron from the block!

The coolest cornering steez out there…

Bustin Longboards’ Soloman Lang! King Soloman!

Push Culture covering me, me instagramming them, and then me documenting instagram… inception? Thanks Travis!

Alex Tongue Butt-Boarding for King of the Hill!

It started raining pretty heavily during the King Of The Hill race between the top 6 qualifiers. Everyone was butt-boarding except for James Kelly who decided to stand up after he started. James ended up winning king of the hill for his second year in a row! Go James! AMERICAN DREAM!

Jesse Stuart and Pete Benda running the show.

Our Homie Scott from One 11 longboards!

Alexa got us a lot of attention, everyone had a crush on her!

My buddy Daniel Figueroa all the way up from Mexico! Good to see him again this year!

Venom founder Zak Maytum singing the national anthem!

Zak belted it out for the national anthem. Who knew that the dude who created Venom wheels and bushings, and who also rides for madrid would be killing the national anthem. I’ve seen him sing it before though haha… good work Zak!

Mischo Erban, Bricin Striker Lyons, and Patrick Switzer singing the canadian national anthem for Canada Day… whatever that is haha.

Alex Tongue had the 3rd fastest qualifying time!

K-Rimes flying down with Zen Shikaze! Both insanely rad dudes.

Alexa and Jesse Kicking it like the Karate Kid.

Pete Benda… aka…. the american “Muscles-glasses.”

I shot this dude shooting!

James Kelly cruising down like a chief in a unique tuck!

Douglas Dalua with a strong lead!

Gotta show local rippers some love! Chip Killing it! Go subsonic!

Patrick Switzer straight killing it! Basically winning on an old school skateboard.

Louis Pilloni doing some filming for http://www.skatehousemedia.com

Louis rocking those stylish Sector 9 leathers!

Team DADDIES was everywhere!! Alex and Robin were killing it with Niko from Kebbek!

Patrick Switzer, Zak Maytum, and Kevin Reimer coming in the final corner!

Douglas Dalua with Alex Tongue coming in the bustin corner! Killing it!

Our good friend Ayumi Oride all the way form Japan!

Byron Essert with some mad eagle steez!

Those comet leg patches are sick… but Byron was definitely riding a Rayne Killswitch… I think his board was out of commission. I saw him carrying around his beloved chopped Comet Takeover.

The juniors skating tight!

Jon Huey taking the win for luge!

Pam Diaz flying by!

Ayumi Oride! Chou Hayai yo!

Ishtar Backlund with Amanda Powell following

Marisa Nunez taking 3rd place!

Alex Tongue flying in for the 3rd place spot!

Brian Bishop with a fun tuck

Byron Essert keeps it steezy at all times.

The amazing view of Mt. Hood from Goldendale, Washington!

We will be back next year and we will do this bigger and better than ever! I hope everyone is ready for what we are going to bring to the table next year! We got a while year to plan and set this stuff up… this is about to get CRAZY!

For LOTS more photos check out http://www.flickr.com/photos/supemorgan8