Facebook Requests Round 1!

First and foremost… Dakota is awesome!

Dakota Gnarnia McDaniels doing a proper toeside! We jacked this from your facebook homie!

And here is a pretty important one for Joao Reis…. Waka Flocka Flame doing some taxes. Doing taxes so gangster he opened up his own financial solutions firm. All the real G’s go here to stack their cheese.

Waka Flocka Financial Solutions! He does your taxes for you!

Keep the requests coming dudes, just hit us up on our facebook and let us know what you want to see! I bet Joao didnt think we could make this one happen with Waka Flocka doing taxes, but we got magic hands that can do magic things with computers! This round was a bit more whacky but the downhill post was a request as well. We are totally down for some more serious stuff too! If you absolutely need to know something about ANYTHING just let us know and we will answer your call! hahahaha we do love these funny ones though as well.